"0870"... What is it good for?
So you have an office in the UK, or clients, or potential clients, or both? Why make calling you in the States a mystery?

Will the call go through, and for how much? Good question! Not with an "0870" number though. Originating in the UK, tied to British Telecom, the call terminates at the number you desire in the USA for very specific, low rates... 8p during the day, 6p @ night and 2p @ week-end, (when calling you from a land-line).

That's daytime calls where the caller pays 12 cents a minute (usd), billed to their line @ the UK "National Rate".

What you get is a very, very smooth, clean cal,l terminating in seconds on your USA Switch-PSTN or Cellular, PBX or analog office lines.

No cost to you, no equipment, no waiting, no forms, no activating fee.

Just fill-in the form and sit back.

0870-Your Number

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