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Complete Solar Power Station     10 Amp Charger Controller

Click Here to see a low-priced combo deal for a 12v Panel, Battery & Charge Controller under $200


Solar Suitcase. [See the PDF]


Perimeter Sensor Beams?   See Skorpion [Wired]

AN900-A30 to C-250 90 ft to 650 ft Beams for Security

Optex America Inovonics


Online Catalog-Live  (Wireless)


(Both 9v and 12v options, PoE & Solar)


Eight LED (4 each) Dual Beam Motion-Activated Spotlight (Read about it here) $79.95

Maxsa 8-LED Solar Motion-Activated Light



Solar Security Camera


Snapshot GSM Camera


                                    Solar Street Lighting

20-Watt Lighting Kit                                                    Complete Street Light System


SOLAR PANELS 5/10/20/30/40--140/190/230/320 Watt


Solar Korea   Kyocera  Security Beams    Solar Payphone   Parking Meters  Cellular Radio Tower 

Base Camp  Solar Attic Water Fountain (Garden/Pool) Pool Alarm


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Security: Swimming Pool Alarm

               Pay Telephone

Wired & Cellular Wireless (GSM, CDMA, Cordless Base-to-Base Extended Dialtone)
iPod & MP3

Security: Skorpion Beam

Portable CCTV Wireless Camera/TV

Wireless Camera & Portable 2" TV Monitor Receiver

Laptops up to 60-80 watt

Solar Street Light Nightview

Solar Street Light Nightview
14-LED Floodlight

LED 14 Light
Lighting Fixed Ceiling

Outdoor WiFi Booster

Wifi Booster

Foldable Power Plant for Net & Notebooks
Panasonic Four-Line Cordless Phone

Panasonic 4-Line Cordless Phone System with Attendent & Vmail
Alcon Long-Range Cordless

Bring telephone service to remote areas without wired power lines-Remote RJ11 Base-to-Base Dialtone
Flashlight LED Torch

Flashlight LED Torch

Never be without emergency lighting when you need it, in your car, on the road, the garage,your purse
Desktop Light

 Antenna Booster for Cell Terminals
Antenna Specialist's Cellular Booster Antenna 10-14Db
Cellular Terminal CDMA or GSM (SIM Inserted)

Bring Cellular Dialtone to remote sites where Phone & Fax service is absent
Desktop Light

5 Volt 5 Watt Portable Charger

5 Watt Portable Power for iPod & PDA

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