2010VR Call Forwarder with International Callback

The solution for telecommuters, small businesses, multiple offices, crisis centers, world travelers!!

The 2010VR offers everything the phone company does plus much more, without the monthly charges.

With the 2010VR Call Forwarder you can direct inbound callers through up to 5 different outside phone numbers via a voice message that you record yourself.

Installation is easy, just connect to standard phone jacks. Simple-to-use remote operation allows the 2010VR to be turned on and off and reprogrammed at any time from anywhere using a standard touch tone phone.

International callback allows you to save long distance expense when you travel overseas. Now you can make all calls from overseas, as if at home.


  • Programmable Call Forwarding for up to Five Phone Numbers.
  • International Callback for Long Distance Savings Overseas.
  • Called Party is Notified that Incoming Call is Forwarded.
  • Direct Inward Access Capability.
  • Security Features Prevents Use by Phone Hackers.
  • Remote Programming and On/Off by Phone.
  • Excellent Audio Quality.
  • Can Dial Through a PBX.
  • Connected via Standard Phone Jacks.
  • Simple to Use.
Model Price


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