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You can either chat with an operator (from anywhere) right now ! You can reach us on Skype & WhatsApp

We love Skype which is FREE. Download and add us "hightechintl". We can talk PC to PC free, or your call will ring to a Manager's Phone, if offline.

If you want to call us direct:

+1-212-470-9664 (Mobile, WhatsApp, Viber, SOMA, WeChat, LINE) HQ-NYC English [CTI-NYC +1-212-714-0334]

+1-786-556-4858 (Movil, WhatsApp, Viber) Miami Espanol  SKYPE markcohen305

+27-(0) 84-087-8888 (Mobile, WhatsApp) South Africa Flemish, French, German, Afrikaans,


(Email, IM, Local Offices Worldwide)

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