Easygate tm makes Faxing from your Car, Construction Trailer, Boat or Truck a whole lot easier*....*By allowing a regular analog Fax Machine to send faxes over the GSM Cell Phone Network (with CSD) $499. Combo with Panasonic Plain-Paper Mini-Fax and Car-Truck Inverter 225w (by Sima) Complete Office $649

Voice Terminal, no Fax? $399 (replaces that landline @ $40-$80 mo).Service from $3. mo with 30 min. & 10 cents thereafter (Pre-Paid account)


In the USA, only T-Mobile now offers "Faxing over GSM Cellular".

[They charge $10 a mo. for a separate fax # plus your cell #, cost dependent on the plan you choose $20 up]

No Circuit-Switched Data Service offered by your provider? (CSD or HS-CSD)

Sorry, then NO Faxing...UNLESS, well......, you could go for a "Private Network" which means buying 2 units-one at office, one on the road", then they can talk to each other and handshake, without a provisioned Fax Line, just a Voice GSM Call Line .. To be clear, that Road Fax, like Greta or Easygate Terminal / Panasonic Combo, either way, the remote unit CAN NOT talk to regular landline faxes, only the paired unit. Example is Trucking Biz. One unit mounted at the Dispatch Center & Remote units on the Trucks making deliveries.

[600 Mobile Operators worldwide, many many still do offer & support CSD)



This remarkable little terminal does it all, Phone, Internet, SMS Text (with Module) & Fax. Read more.....

Just connect a regular Fax Machine, or a Mini-Fax $89.95, for compact size.

Panasonic Mini-Fax KXFP-215 with Answering Machine

Combo Deal $599.95 includes EasygateFax Terminal & Panasonic Plain-Paper Mini-Fax #205, 225w Inverter (with UPS Ground)


#1 SMS Software- $149.95.

#2 T-Mobile SIM $24.95  and

#3. For your Car or Truck 12v Cigarette Lighter Adapter to (2)-Electric Outlets 110v 60Hz

SIMA 225 Watt Inverter (2) Outlets

$44.95 SIMA 225 Watt

SALE Easygate GSM Fax Terminal..$399.95 USD plus $14.95 UPS Ground (48 USA States)

SIM for Fax in the USA from T-Mobile only. Not Included (Usually $24.95 when bought from us with Fax, same time).

Service is $10 extra plus a business monthly account

Export Available-Shipped to you or your Client, Invoiced in your Currency

(Part # 501323 EU 220v) or (Part t# 501313 US for 110v)

Easygate SMS Software $150.00 USD

VOICE ONLY (NO Fax) $349.95 plus $14.95 S&H UPS (#601303US)
SIM from any GSM Carrier not included (Not activated by ATT in the USA)

Analog GSM Gateway & Advanced Features with G3 Fax

EasyGate is a NEW type of Analog FWT, (Fixed Cellular Terminal) from 2N's portfolio. Because of its features it is suitable for small companies, which use it for saving costs of calls to GSM, SMS sending and GPRS Internet connection. 

The analog EasyGate gateway has been designed not only for Voice transmission between your PBX and GSM networks, but also for Data, SMS and G3 Analog Fax transmission.

Using this gateway you can cut half of your company telephone bill since all calls directed to GSM networks are routed through EasyGate and high bills, (outside the USA) for the PSTN-GSM connection are avoided.

The EasyGate is not only a tool for call cost reduction as it can provide other communication solutions such as sending and receiving SMS and Analog fax messages, thanks to the GPRS you can browse internet and send e-mails, thanks to the FSK feature you can see the calling party on the phone (if supported by the telephone aka "Caller ID") - all these features are supported by the EasyGate GSM Gateway.

Serial port for GPRS connection enables e-mail communication and Internet browsing. These means of communication are widely used on boats and in remote areas.

Installation, supervision and maintenance are other features of the EasyGate GSM Gateway.

In case you use prepaid SIM cards, you will receive, automatically, an SMS message about low credit on the SIM card.

Another smart feature which is highly appreciated is a periodic gateway status SMS message, which informs you about the current signal, number of calls, etc.


  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • 2-wire, FXS interface (for analog phone or PBX CO line)
  • Serial port for GPRS/CSD connection
  • FXS port for CSD connection
  • G3 Analog fax sending & receiving
  • ETSI FSK - Calling Line Identification - you can see the calling number on your telephone display2N EasyGate Analog GSM Gateway
  • SMS Server for SMS sending & receiving
  • 12V power supply
  • Periodical Gateway Status SMS message
  • Automatic SMS sending activated by an external signal
  • SMS informing of low credit in prepaid cards
  • GGMC (GSM Gateway Monitoring Centre)
  • Baby call feature (automatic call without dialing)
  • Dialed number restriction, evaluation and modification
  • Easy & comfortable maintenance, configuration and upgrade

EasyGate Analog GSM Gateway is compatible with these HW (PBXs):
Cisco VG200
Alcatel 4400
Panasonic D500
Ericson MD110
Siemens HICOM 300E
Asterisk IP PBX

GRETA TM Complete Portable Office: $799 on sale

Phone, SMS, Fax, Copier, Printer & Scanner (when attached to your PC)

Just insert your GSM SIM (900/1800/1900mhz) Global Version  or NA Version 850/1900Mhz (Requires T-Mobile Service in the USA)

See the entire list of Cellular Portable Fax Machines & SIM Inserted Terminals (plugs in any Fax)

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