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3CX is a software IP PBX that offers a compelling integration platform. IP Door stations secure a customer's doors and offer basic access control to their environment.


When designing, building & installing Door Phone-Building Entry solutions for Condominiums or Apartment Complexes, Gated Refineries, Factories, Warehouses and a feature rich IPBX that can...

 #1.  Call the units' extension, or

#2.  Dial a Cell Phone (Mobile), or

#3   When there is 'no answer' ring through to Voicemail

These IP door stations offer both audio and video along with card readers in some models. All models offer PoE for an efficient installation.

2N Helios IP

There are three basic designs:

Helios Vario       Helios IP Force      Helios IP Safety

Price Quote & Configuration upon request. Submit a quick form, receive a quick reply.

Custom Installed Packages offered from $895-$1895.00 plus time & materials. "Systems only" available too,

All of the 2N units are IP and Open Standard SIP devices, passed interoperability tests by ABP, and pass video calls with the 3CX IP PBX software.  

2N IP Door stations offer: 3CX adds: Thinking of situations where 3CX IP PBX is an advantage:

Speaking of Professional, have you seen the Optex Redscan Laser Security Beam? Wow.  100'-200' outward sweep Horizontal or 100' Vertical set to activate a Siren, Control Box, Voice Dialer, Cameras, Strobe with Horn, Text Messenger.....

RLS 3060

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