Introducing the Latest Door Entry with Fingerprint Biometrics & 4-Digit Code

ReliTouch Door Handle with Bio (Chrome or Brass)       ReliTouch

Biometric Door Handle with finger & 4-digit code

Retails $899, Priced to Sell at $749 with MS-1 software Included.($299 Value) UPS $19.95 (48 USA States)


Secure purchase via Bank Server ( Credit Card or PayPal or "6-Mo. Same as Cash" )

Also available...4-Digit Pin only, with Cylinder Key Lock, but no finger scan $599.95


Strattec 4-Digit Pin Code Door Lock Handle


ReliTouch Door Cipher Handle with Code [3-application options]

  • #1 Up to 1,000 PIN code users (any PIN-code length per user), or
  • #2 Up to 1,000 fingerprint users, or
  • #3 Fast Touch and Go
  • 1:N Mode (1 to Many), High-Security Access (1:1) User ID+PIN or User ID+Fingerprint, PIN only modes and more
  • Each user can be set up with any of these access methods, per user, per lock

  • There is no standalone biometric door lock available on the world market with this much control.
  • Night view (back lit PIN keypad for easy use at night)
  • 5 seconds access time before door re-locks
  • Heavy Duty components rated to over 2M cycles
  • UL-Listed, ANSI Grade 2 tubular latch with 3-hour UL fire-rating
  • Adjustable backset (2 3/8? and 2 3/4?)
  • Commercial grade 6-pin rim cylinder (able to be removed) with SC4 keyway (3 keys included)
  • Free-wheeling clutch design
  • 100% weatherproof – this lock can be placed in adverse weather without the fear of damage caused by moisture, snow, dust, UV, or humidity
  • Rated for -40F to 150F
  • Impact Alarm if lock is attacked and loses contact with the door, a screeching alarm will sound
  • Non-handed design
  • 4AA batteries to operate (recommend Li-AA batteries for longest life).
  • Estimated battery life is 12,000 to 21,000 cycles
  • Low battery alert
  • Non-volatile memory will not be lost when batteries are removed or replaced
  • Lock can also be hardwired to run full-time on AC by standard 12V DC power supply
  • Program 2 ways: At the lock using the LCD or At a PC using the PCMU (optional)
  • Easy to Delete Individual users
  • Access Control features:
  • Open Mode
  • Timed Lock Access
  • Timed User Access
  • Import Records
  • Export Records
  • Optional PC Management Upgrade (PCMU) to program all locks and all users at a PC with a high-res fingerprint scanner.
  • 1 GB flash drive can now be used to program the locks and download Audit Trail records (with Software Combo)
  • ReliTouch Windows with Fingerprint Scanning

    Software with Fingerprint Scanner 

    Actuator Fingerprint Scanner for PC (ReliTouch) tm

  • Register thousands of fingerprints and or PIN codes at a centralized PC with one fingerprint scanner, set access control rights, and then simply upload all information to the included flash drive
  • Includes access control/ audit trail software, USB fingerprint scanner and 1GB flash drive
  • Register all fingerprints (and/or PIN codes) of all users at one centralized PC with the fingerprint scanner
  • Set access control rights at the PC of each individual user to each individual lock
  • When finished, upload those access control rights to the flash drive
  • Bring the flash drive to the lock and program the lock from the flash drive
  • Plus AT record

  • THOUGHT ABOUT BioScrypt? Heard of BioScrypt? Read about BioScrypt

    V-Flex BioScrypt

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