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HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
CASEA10 BG95 Desk Top Case, w/200 Power Supply 150
CASEA1ST CONVERSION ST Tower/Desktop Conver. Stands 5
CASEA6 BD 14 Med. Tower Case, w/200 Power Supply 160
CASEA7 BG45 Super Mini Tower Case 100
CASEA8 BG 08 SINGLE Full Tower Case 220


HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
MACER34 AV34T AcerView34,1024x768,.28mm,Gr,NI 600
MACER55L ACERVIEW 55L AcerView 55L, 1024X768 Low-Radiation, Green, Non-Interlaced. N/A
MACER56L ACERVIEW 56L AcerView 15", 1280x1024, NI/FS/LR 600
MACER76I ACER-76I AcerView 17" 1280x1024, (NI/Green) 800


HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
MBAP53 AP-53 AP-53, Pentium 4/PCI+3/ISA, IDE/IO, 256K, 75/90/100/120/133/166MHz 250
MBAP5CP AP5CP-P AP5C, Pentium 3.3V, 256KB, IDE/IO, 75/90/100/120/133/150/166 190


HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
SYSAE3612 3612 486DX2/66 System, Desktop/4mb/850HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/DOS/Window 1035
SYSAE3094 3094 486DX4/100 System, DestTop/8mb/850HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/Windows 95 1230
SYSAE3712 3712 Pentium 75 System, Desktop/8mb/850HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/DOS/Window 1500
SYSAE3714 3714 Pentium 75 System, Desktop/8mb/850HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/Windows 95 1500
SYSAE3122 3122 Pentium 100 Sys. Minitower/8mb/1.08HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/DOS/Window 1725
SYSAE3126 3126 Pentium 100 Sys. MiniTower/8mb/1.08HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/Windows 95 1725
SYSAE3332 3332 Pentium 133 Sys. Minitower/16mb/1.26HD/1.44FD/SVGA1M/DOS/Window 2400

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