Optex Annunciator 2000 (RC-TD-10u/20u) & Dakota Wireless Entrance Driveway Sensors & Alarms

Being phased out for longer range 20u (and lower price $159.95)

Annuciator 1000                          RCTD 20 u

Optex RC TD 10u                                                                          >>> Optex RC TD 20u

Now the newer unit boasts a 2000' range, and the 10u reached a claimed 1000' (Optex manufacturer claim)

RC TD 20 u Layout

Design Versatility

Description: RC-10 Chimebox w/ Relay

Description: TD-10 Sensor Transmitter


Retail $249.95 Web/Street Prices $169.95-$219.95

Your cost $159.95 ($9.95 UPS Shipping) one transmitter and one receiver

Two (2) Transmitter and one (1) receiver package $239.95 (plus UPS Ground) The system handles up to 3 outside sensors (Battery) senders and up to 2 inside (electric power 110v) chimes.

Transmitter/Receiver Combo
Chime Box w/ Relay
Single Relay Receiver
Power Source
DC 9V (exclusive AC adapter)
12 ~ 24V AC/DC
Power Consumption
Standby: 1W, Operating: 2W
Standby: 30mA, Operating: 80mA
Chime Tone
3 tone & 1 alarm (optional)
Adjustable: 0~80dB / 5 levels
(Continuous zone: max.)
Relay Output
Max. 1A / 50 VAC or 1A / 24VDC
Max. 1A / 50 VAC or 1A / 24VDC
Output Timer
Selectable: off/1/5/30/60sec/utility
output mode
Selectable: 1/5/30/60sec
Status Indicator
Power Indicator: Green LED
Zone Indicator: red LED x 3
Power Indicator: Green LED
Zone Indicator: red LED x 3
Radio Frequency
Operating Temperature
15°F ~ 104°F (-10°C ~ 40°C)
15°F ~ 104°F (-10°C ~ 40°C)
Installation Location
6.0 oz. (170g)
4.2 oz. (120g)
AC adapter x 1
Mounting Screw x 1
Mounting Screw x 1
Sensor Transmitter
Hand-Held Transmitter
Detection Method
Passive Infrared
Push Button
Detection Pattern
50ft (15m) long range
17ft (5m) fan pattern
Angle Adjustment
90° vertically & ±5° horizontally
±5° vertically & 90° horizontally
Power Source
9V: alkaline battery
3V: AA x 2 alkaline battery
Battery Life
Approx. 2 years
[250 / day at 70°F (20°C)]
Approx. 2 years
[100 / day at 70°F (20°C)]
Status Indicator
Radio Frequency
Operating Temperature
15°F ~ 120°F (-10°C ~ 50°C)
15°F ~ 120°F (-10°C ~ 50°C)
Water Resistance
Installation Location
Outdoor / Indoor
Outdoor / Indoor
6.3 oz. (180g)
1.4 oz. (40g)
Mounting Screw x 2
Belt Clip x 1
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1000' Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Monitor With Magnetometer Sensor

This improved solar powered Wireless Driveway Monitor detects when a vehicle enters or leaves your driveway. It uses a solar powered patented magnetometer sensor system. Movement of any large metallic (iron or steel) object close to the driveway sensor will transmit a signal to the receiver, causing the receiver to chime and flash. People, animals and shadows will not trigger the driveway sensor. The sensor may be placed up to 1000 feet (line of sight) away from the receiver in your Home or Office

Solar Driveway Alarm STI

Additional sensors (MCM# 82-13616) may be required for wide driveways or to monitor an additional driveway.


  • Alerts you when a vehicle is coming up your driveway
  • Indoor AC-powered receiver chimes and flashes when a vehicle approaches
  • Sensor is solar powered
  • Receiver plugs into a standard electrical outlet (indoor use only)
  • Operates with up to 1000 feet (line of sight) between sensor and receiver
  • Easy installation - mount the sensor next to your driveway on the included stake and plug the receiver into any electrical wall outlet inside your home
  • No difficult underground wiring
  • Additional sensor(s) will produce a different chime from the receiver when triggered
  • When a vehicle activates receiver, there is a 10 to 15 second delay for the unit to reset before the next vehicle will be detected
  • Will not be triggered by animals, people or shadows
  • Can be set to low, medium or high sensitivity level (factory default is high).
  • Wireless frequency is 433 MHz
  • Maximum optimal range for vehicle detection is 12 feet. Additional monitors may be required for driveways exceeding range
  • Small, rugged, waterproof sensor provides years of reliable service
  • Multiple sensors and receivers can be used together as a system (up to 16 sets).Perfect for multiple driveways or large homes.
  • One (1) year warranty from the date of original purchase

Read the PDF

Retail $299.95 Your Cost $239.95 plus Ground UPS $9.95

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