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Bought by L-1, Absorbed by Morpho, a Div. of French Military Conglomerate SAFRAN

Encrypted Biometric Door-Entry redefined.

Chosen as the Supplier of Record for Nigeria's New National ID Card Centers (18)

Combining Perimeter Protection, Door Entry Biometrics and Bosch Hi-Speed Dome Ceiling & IP Cameras

V-Flex BioScrypt

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Latest  installation project?, National ID Card Center of Nigeria (18) Facilities- Fence Protected by RAZR FLEX, Doors by BioScrypt & Hallway IP Cameras by Bosch (All from us, All from the USA)

Street prices running $934-$1008, this is a Professional Product, not necessarily End-User installable, unless some prior PC or Access Control experience. We can dispatch a Tech anywhere, anytime, any language, time zone, currency ! We are High Technology International, 1981 to 2015, Logistics is our first, middle and last name. From Site Inspection to Final Installation.

Domestic USA Version $795 each  (1 unit) $775 ea. (2-10 units), $762 (11-24 units) plus shipping (Export Version available)

Bioscrypt HD Single & Volume Order

Speaking of Professional, have you seen the Optex Redscan Laser Security Beam? Wow.

RLS 3060


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