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Phonak Profilo Nano Ear with Amigo Encrypted Bluetooth Link with PTT & Neck Loop $1995  Amigo with PTT & Socket


NEW You say you want "Kool"? We give you KOOL. You want Bond, James Bond? (as in, "Shaken, not stirred"), You've got it. [Credit: Ian Fleming]


Combine the Latest Phonak Profilo Nano tm Hidden Ear Piece with Bluetooth "Amigo" tm Encrypted Interface (w/Mike Loop) & Your (Any) Android Smartphone $1,795 or Samsung "Galaxy" S6 or S7 Edge running Zello (App Store Free) Software for features, PTT and more


Other Phones? HTC, Sony, Blackberry, LG SOME OF THE LATEST CELL PHONES OR Email for latest prices, color & memory) Note: Smartphone needs Bluetooth 4.0


Dealer & Corporate Quantity Pricing available.


Want the Brochure (in PDF Format)? Submit a LIVE FORM. You must Include-Name, Country, Phone, What'sApp & Email for reply. We will call to confirm-worldwide.


Profilo-Amigo Combo (with UPS Ground) $1,795.00 USD.


We can invoice 20 Currencies (via PayPal), pay in your local funds, Credit Card or PayPal. Otherwise, if needed, Business Check, Western Union, Postal Money Order, Bank Wire Transfer (ACH or SWIFT)


Are you with a Government Surveillance Team, we have Condor ( 6+ Agents). Are you a Police Department or Intelligence Agency or Interior Ministry? Military or Under Cover Surveillance,

we can quote discount pricing.



  • Bogen Body Mike Transmitter (with Mute) & Receiver Combo $239.95 plus UPS


  • "Wireless Microphone System"/li>
  • *Public Events, *Bingo,*Ministry, *Wedding, *Presentations *Interviews

Wireless Mic BodyPack

  • Body-Pack w/Lavaliere Microphone
  • Audio mute switch allows convenient audio muting while leaving the transmitter "ON"
  • LED indicator: Unit "ON", and "Low Battery Alert"
  • Locking 3.5mm mini-jack provides secure connection for removable microphone
  • Convenient, economical operation with AAA alkaline or NiMH batteries (2x)
  • 2-1/4" W x 3-3/8" H x 1" D; antenna 3-3/4"; 2.8 oz. (Without batteries)
  • Lavaliere Mic: 4 ft. long cord; 0.6 oz.


Wireless Microphone System


  • Includes: UBP800 Body-Pack & Lavaliere Mic and UDR800 UHF Receiver
  • 800-channell PLL-synthesized UHF Receiver offers 800 user-selectable frequencies
  • 120dB dynamic range
  • Operation up to 500' line-of-sight
  • Locking 3.5mm mini-jack provides secure connection for removable mic
  • Audio mute switch for transmitter
  • 1/2 rack receiver design

Read the Manual


Retails $399 Your Cost $239.95 Plus UPS Additional Mikes $95.00

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Bogen Body Mike System


InWatch Z GUI

MY Smart Watch-Phone

with 5mp Camera, Bluetooth, Video & Livestream (Runs WhatsApp, Skype, Viber... Android 4.4)


Product Matrix (Global)


Please Note:: Some products may not be approved for the Americas, others can be used worldwide


Phonak INVISITY The tiny one-way audio option for Interviews Read the pdf


Prices starting at $2,495.00 USD


Undercover Kit (as photo above) with Back Office secure Black Box 2-Way Radio (2) $1,695.00 USD

(email , live chat, skype, live form request a written quote)

  "Bug in the Ear" by Phonak (Discreet Surveillance & Remote Observation)

See the new 2020 brochure for "Invisity" tm , the latest product line click here


without phonito
Incognito with Phonito:
The miniaturized  Phonito receiver is discreetly hidden in the ear. 

with phonito

All messages received by someone wearing a walkie-talkie are inductively relayed to the Phonito.
Activated through a handheld push-to-talk button, all messages to be sent are picked up by a discreetly placed microphone and transmitted via walkie-talkie or two-way radio.This combo is known as a "Body Wire with Neck Loop" 

See the new 2019 brochure for "Invisity"tm , the latest product line click here

For those doing Survey Research and other Observation Setups, like witness or suspect interrogations, we do have the MicroEar, which is tailored for this purpose. The MicroEar Receiver (in ear unit) $895.00 (usd/fob) and the TX-3 $1095.00 Transmitter Microphone pair up to meet your needs. Multiple receivers can be set to the same frequency..


This system is also used by Directors on Set, to instruct Actors or Camera Crew directly, discreetly, in-ear..


Read about Invisity Studio pdf & the "Inspiro" tm FM Transmitter pdf. Also, Read about our new line of Bluetooth 2-Way Radios

$1995.00 Package with UPS (48 USA)

TX-3 Open Mike


The microphone with a built-in transmitters. The enhanced multi-microphone technology of the HandyMic combines omni-directional, directional, and super-directional microphones with an FM transmitter.

The HandyMic is very versatile. It can be set up directly in front of the sound source, slipped into the speaker's shirt pocket, or aimed at the speaker by hand. With an audio cable, the HandyMic can also be connected to a sound system. As with all other FM products, the HandyMic has a range of 7 to 15 meters (23 to 50 feet). 

See the new 2020 brochure for "Invisity" tm , the latest product line Click Here

Nightclub "Bouncers" and Security Guard Two-Way Radio with Surveillance Ear/Mike Kit

See the entire list of 2-way Radios working with Profilo Nano Click Here


RCA BRA3250 2-Way Radio Powerful 4-Watt & 16 Channel     2-Way Radio Surveillance Kit with Ear Piece and Wrist Mike

What's Included:

Ultra Long Lasting 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
One Hour Rapid Charger
Heavy Duty Screw-On Belt Clip
Radio Warranty - Two Years


2013 FCC Compliant
4 Watts UHF / 5 Watts VHF
450-470 MHz UHF / 136-174 MHz VHF450-470 MHz UHF / 136-174 MHz VHF
16 Channels16 Channels
Narrowband / Wideband
X-Sound PlusTM – Enhanced Audio Clarity with 800mW Loud Speaker
Time-Out TimerTime-Out Timer
Battery Saver ModeBattery Saver Mode
High / Low Power SwitchableHigh / Low Power Switchable
Two Programmable Function Keys
MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F - Meets Military Specifications for Durability, Shock, Extreme Temperatures, Vibration, Dust, and Moisture.
Ultra Durable with Reinforced Compound MoldingUltra Durable with Reinforced Compound Molding
Feels Comfortable in Your HandFeels Comfortable in Your Hand

Weight: 9.5 ozWeight: 9.5 oz
Dimensions: 4.69” H x 2.17” W x 1.3” D


The three-wire surveillance kit
consists of three separate wires. One wire connects the earpiece to the radio and the other wire connects the microphone to the radio. The third wire acts solely as PTT. This wire typically goes down the other jacket sleeve and allows you to talk without making a movement toward a microphone

Two-Way Radio with Surveillance Kit $239.95 (RCA 4 Watt & 16 Channel) and Mike/Ear Kit $99.95

Package Price $349.95 with UPS (48 USA)

Bluetooth Cellphone (Mobile) module for Profilo Nano


Secure Bluetooth Adapter for your Cell to Phonito Nano

This durable Bluetooth 2.0 interface by Imtradex enables Profilo Nano earpiece users to communicate discretely via cell- or smartphone.

The module simply clips onto the belt and attaches to the HRS 12-pin connector of Profilo Nano’s wiring loop.

This combined device approach is the only way undercover professionals can experience high-clarity phone calls via the world’s only zero-interference covert earpiece.

This Imtradex Bluetooth module features:

  • 3 integrated buttons: On/Off, Accept/Reject Call, Push To Talk (activates Profilo Nano’s loop microphone)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Belt clip
  • HRS 12-pin connector
Two wireless PTT buttons are also available:

  • The Bluetooth Wireless Button features a single PTT button (offers identical functionality to the wired module’s PTT button above).
  • The Bluetooth Wireless Switch features 2 buttons: one PTT, and a second button that activates full-duplex ‘talk and listen’ mode.
Other optional extras include a car charger, accumulator pack and charging interface (to guarantee the module’s usability during charging)

Look at the Brochure (pdf) or better yet, Look/Watch the Powerpoint (ppt)

With all pieces (3-5) included, this Bluetooth System sells for $2400 up to $2650 USD.Sale priced $1600-$1995


If you want to use a PROFILO NANO with your Cellular (Mobile) Phone -WIRED? Using your Ear/Mike Jack 3.5mm.... Packages range around $2150.00 Custom-Made Orders

Let us quote your specific configuration


In-Ear Receivers


Phonak produces a wide range of miniaturized in-ear receivers, all offering crystal-clear in-ear output and day-long wearer comfort. 

Phonito Nano (Covert "hidden" Earpiece)

Phonito Nano by Phonak is the world’s smallest covert radio earpiece for undercover professionals. With its tiny form factor, secure in-ear fit and skin-matching color options, Phonito Nano is entirely invisible to the naked eye, ensuring the user’s cover and boosting the chances of operational success. Available in beige or dark brown, the Phonito Nano hidden earpiece is built around a new Hybrid audio chip and inductive technology. This approach offers users both excellent sound quality and allows Nano to be used alongside any existing inductive wiring loops a customer might own.

  • Greater comfort

  • With its reduced form factor and highly ergonomic shape, Nano offers a comfortable and secure in-ear fit


  • Full focus

  • Thanks to its passive coil technology and new Hybrid chip, Nano vastly reduces frustrating interference
  • Crystal-clear sound

  • Nano’s next-generation Hybrid chip enhances audio clarity and speech intelligibility, providing the kind of performance no other inductive hidden earpiece can match.

Phonito Nano's wiring kits are compatible with most professional radios including the latest Motorola, Sepura and Hytera TETRA models. A special connector is also available for Phonak’s Bluetooth (BT) module, enabling Phonito Nano to be used with BT-enabled communication terminals.

Length / Width         
16.4 mm (0.64") / 10.9–9.7 mm (0.42"–0.38")
1.3 g (inc. battery)
Max volume @ 1kHz, automatically limited 100 dB SPL
Type of receiver digital / inductive
Frequency response 300 Hz–5000 Hz
Background noise filter (when no audio signal) soft squelch
Battery type / average life span Zn-Air, A10 / 80 hours
Battery end of life warning 3 x 3 beeps

Transducive systems

Phonak's profilo system consists of the profilo covert radio earpiece and a special transducive profilo loop. Unlike conventional covert systems, this loop transmits the user's radio output over a far higher frequency than base-band audio frequencies, making frustrating interference a thing of the past..

Phonak Profilo Nano Configuration options

profilo earpiece
profilo earpiece

This miniature covert radio earpiece combines transductor technology with Phonak's powerful Digital Signal Procession (DSP) chip..

- Interference freee
- Perfect user comfortt
- Housing based on Phonak's provenn phonito Intra & phonito Digitall wireless earpiecess

The profilo loop
profilo loop

Unlike conventional covert systems, profilo's loop transmits the radio's signal output on a much higher frequency than base-band audio frequenciess

- Discreett 
- Detachablee 
- With integrated microphonee

The profilo wireless Push To Talk (PTT) unit
profilo wireless PTT

The profilo wireless Push To Talk (PTT) unit is comfortable to use and highly discrete..

- Mute function & toneboardd 
- Battery check featuree
- Fully waterprooff

The profilo junction box
profilo inline PTT

Designed to be used when the wireless PTT is lost or damaged..

- Parallel PTTT
- Integrated into wiring junction boxx

The 2-key profilo PTT
profilo PTT talk button

A light, 2-key PTT that ensures perfect user comfort..

- Large top button used as normal PTTT 
- Red emergency buttonn 
- Compatible with all professional radioss

Phonito Nano - The World's Smallest Covert Earpiece Phonito Nano -

Phonito Nano covert radio earpiece

For covert professionals, discretion is the name of the game. With its tiny form factor, secure fit and skin-matching color options, Phonito Nano is entirely invisible to the naked eye, ensuring the user’s cover and increasing the chance of operational success.

Available in beige or dark brown, the Phonito Nano covert earpiece is built around a new Hybrid audio chip and inductive technology. This approach offers users leading sound quality and allows Nano to be used alongside any existing inductive wiring loops a customer might own.

Thanks to its passive coil technology, Phonito Nano is less susceptible to frustrating interference than its competitors. In addition, following customer feedback from security professionals around the world its ‘ground noise’ level has also been carefully optimized to ensure users hear enough ‘Switched On’ buzz to feel confident their equipment is working, but not so much that communication is compromised.

- Greater comfort
With its reduced form factor and highly ergonomic shape, Nano offers a comfortable and secure in-ear fit

- Full focus
Thanks to its passive coil technology and new Hybrid chip, Phonito Nano vastly reduces frustrating interference

- Crystal-clear sound
Nano’s next-generation Hybrid chip enhances audio clarity and speech intelligibility to provide performance no other inductive covert earpiece can match

- Better background
Nano’s carefully optimized ‘ground noise’ meets the exacting requirements of covert professionals

Phonito Nano is available with a wide range of radio connectors and inductive cabling kits

Inductive systems

Phonak's phonito covert earpieces have become the industry's inductive standard thanks to their superior sound performance and solid reliability. They are available with a range of covert kits, loops and accessories to guarantee total discretion and ease-of-use.

Phonito Covert Earpieces / Covert Kits / Loops & Accessories

Phonito Nano

The brand new Phonito Nano is the world’s smallest covert radio receiver and based on a completely new Hybrid chip platform.

- Tiny form factor (invisible in the ear) 
- Industry-leading speech intelligibility

- Optimized ground noise
- Vastly reduced interference


Phonito Intra

Featuring improved electronic components over the original phonito and a perfect in-the-ear fit.

- Phonak’s joint-smallest inductive receiver 
- Anatomically optimized for perfect fit and complete discretion 
- Innovative wax-guard system simplifies use and maintenance

Phonito Standard

The classic phonito earpiece, featuring automatic squelch and noise filters.

- Defines the standard for inductive receivers
- All critical functions controlled via high-tech integrated circuit
- When used with a Phonak covert kit, allows users to receive messages without being noticed or overheard

Single Loop

The Phonak single loop transmits a radio's audio signal into a homogenous magnetic field within the region of the user's ears. This loop unit allows complete freedom of movement and truly wireless communications.  

- Easily detachable for quick disconnection
- Various lengths available
- Easy to conceal

Shoulder harness

Phonak harnesses are made from high-quality, hard-wearing yet soft leather, which allows the harness to adapt perfectly to the user's body shape.

- Custom fit
- Easy access to covert wireless set accessories for quick deployment
- Available in various sizes and left- or right-hand models

Push To Talk switches

Phonak PTTs are manufactured using the highest-quality material.  

- Ergonomic
- Easy to repair
- Highly reliable

miniMic MM6/MM7 microphones

These quality lapel microphones are built from anodized aluminum and high-grade plastic. They include easy-to-select directional and omni-directional modes, and can be used with any of the covert earpieces above.

- Phantom power supply option (MM6)
- Clear voice signals 
- No RF interference with digital radio equipment (e.g. TETRA)

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