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Multi-Line Billing Machine
$495.00 (USD/FOB) Four-Line


    ·3 kinds of billing type: polarity reverse billing, constraint billing, delay billing
    ·Various billing standards: international billing, domestic billing, IP local billing, intranet billing
    ·Flexible billing setting
    ·Built-in MODEM of Internet Manager. Support rate downloads and remote management
    ·Lightening proof, and alternating current proof
    ·“One supports four terminals”, don’t need work with PC
    ·Daily accounts settling, and monthly accounts settling, etc
    ·Billing list printing
    ·Billing data protection
    ·100 groups of billing list memory for each line
    ·Options for free answering, chargeable answering, and forbidden callings
    ·Built-in clock
    ·Reserved power supply offers another 24 working hours (option)
    ·High-grade LCD display of lightening background, and detailed call information

Single Line Billing Machine
$199.00 USD/FOB (retail) Volume Buyers Welcome


Complete "Telephone Room" / "Call Center" Multi-Line Billing System (Just add phones) $995.00 Retail $795.00 Introductory Sale Price


    ·Easy to store and maintain
    ·Simple operation
    ·3 kinds of billing tape: polarity reverse billing, delay billing, and constraint billing
    ·Billing for each call-in.
    ·Lightening proof, and interference proof
  -Internet Manager: download the billing rate, report business fee and daily phone cost sum
    ·Several billing rates to make choice
    ·Billing accords to time periods
    ·Large data memory
    ·Easy to modify calling list format
    ·Keep the calls when out of power
    ·Live and various billing list collection
    ·Control the route of call by the keypad
    ·Compatibility for various operation systems and printers
    ·Support various billing requirements for wire and wireless GSM, CDMA

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