Free Republican Electors in Defense of the Constitution, the Rights of their Southern brethren under oppression & Supremacy in the Rule of Law. Four Electors of concience who care more about winning right, than just winning. 12-18-00 is D-Day.

Fellow Americans, I speak with you today at a moment of grave constitutional crisis in our National Government. Our Federal structure is under assault as never before in the modern era.

The various branches, so wisely established by our forefathers in competition and friction, have been co-opted by one party to the National Election for President and Vice-President in the race of 7th, November, 2000.

Not since the Hayes-Tilden race of 1876, has this country suffered such a great challenge as this moment presents, in all its anomalies, deviations and entanglements.

At the Counting of the Electoral Vote January 6th, in which Tilden forces gained both the popular vote and the electoral college, Senators for the Hayes forces stood to challenge the appointed Tilden electors' certificate. They established a Supra-Judicial Tribunal "whose  authority none can question and whose decision all will accept as final."

Sound familiar? There is no requirement to "prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt", for this is, in the first instance, a purely political, not criminal matter. All that is required is the judgment derived from the facts that "would lead a reasonable person to believe" that a crime had been committed, certainly sufficient to invoke the Electoral Count Act 1876, for the purpose of determining the validity of any specific certificate. At that point, Hayes had 166 and Tilden had 184. Gore 267, Bush 271.Popular vote? 250,000+ then, 540,435. now! (Gore)

"Upon such reading of any such certificate or paper, when there shall be only one return from a state, the President of the Senate shall call for objections, if any." This language is not incorporated in the last three versions of U.S. Code (1948, 1925, 1887), and no credible legislative history exists for its deletion, which renders them moot, materially changing interpretation of 3-USC-1//15.

 Bill of Particulars:

John Ellis, a cousin of the candidate, provided his employer-FOX News, with bogus statistics to infer a win for GW Bush, thereby calling the election for the wrong man, leaving the lingering impression for weeks that "Dewey beat Truman". An internal investigation has been launched? (Conflict)
Voter News Service changed, withheld and misreported votes? Who are they?
Tom Feeney, Fl. House Leader is Bush's ex-running mate? (Conflict)
Kathryn Harris, Sec. Of State, was also Bushs' Florida Co-Chair? (Conflict)
State Police Stop & Search? (Voting Rights Act)
Polls closed with voters in line? (Violation Federal Election Laws)
Violation of Federal Motor Voter Act? (non-compliance in transfer to Election Board)
Canvassing Board controlled by one party, or supporters of Bush?
Seven of nine Justices appointed by Republicans?
Candidate is the brother of Governor? (Who should have recused himself from the beginning of the campaign on premise that he was elected to represent all the voters of Florida. He was almost in competition with his own constituents, no?)
Secretary of State issued illegal advisory (not Democrats) to throw out military ballots in direct contravention of a consent decree with the US Gov't?
Tom Delay sent paid congressional operatives to intimidate Miami-Dade Board Convassing Board in violation of Federal Law?
Ad campaign using illegal subliminal messages (every 24th frame of 30 says "RATS")?
Gore voted against Rehnquist and Thomas? They don't recuse themselves?
O'Conner says she wants to retire says her husband, but not with a Democrat in office?
Thomas' wife is working at the Heritage foundation, reviewing resumes for Bush staff?
Scalia's Son works for the firm handling Bushs' legal defence, but does not recuse himself, against both Statute and Canon of Ethics?
Harris hired a Republican firm to purge 173,000 Felon names from the Florida registry knowing error rates were running up to 15%, deleting "misdemeanor" voters too?. Price tag? $4mm (see Salon.com)
The "Safe Harbour Provision" expired 12-noon, December 12th, not 12-midnight. Is not the now single slate on file corrupted, with their five allies withholding until 10:40pm? The true drop dead date was always December 18th anyway.
As for the application of the 14th Amendment, why would different standards in 67 Florida counties not be the same as 33 different state standards, vacating the entire election?
As for section "B" in the Judicial Edict, they completely passed over the lower court testimony in which the Bush team shot itself in the foot, as Boise introduced the patent for a new stylus.
An we shall see if the Bush team previewed the Palm Beach Ballot, via an insider at the ad agency, to make sure it was off by a 1/16th to insure defective votes, which, if true, is criminal, and if not, is a scurrillous charge.
The corrupted court created the catch 22, both as to the date, with their stay, and with the Florida Supreme Court, as well.

Free Electors, stand up and be counted, this time for the rule of law over men. Our constitution foresaw these circumstances arising and laid a clear path to their resolution, even if unresolved by January 20th, (it's called "Acting-President Dennis Hastert"). We are not in "uncharted waters", that is an obfuscation intended to relay insecurity, create confusion and promulgate desperation. If this is so good for us, why did the stock market drop? Gore's concession carries no force in law and he can be compelled to serve, like Jefferson before him.

"If this were a third world country, what just happened would be called a Coup d'tat" says Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr and he's on the mark. We have squandered our credibility on a Global Scale, never again leading with moral authority on the topic of Freedom or Democracy.

We have passed this way before, as we shall again. What remains to be seen, is if the five votes from the co-opted "Supreme Court" will stand against the 45,000 untabulated ballots-machine rejected-whose message screams out to all who will listen, "Look at me, for I am the voice of the people. I am all of that which is left, between Democracy and Tyranny."

 With the greatest respect for all those who died before us, in Defence of Liberty,

I remain yours truly,

Douglas Pepper Lang, President
High Technology International
Washington, DC