Dear Potential Dealer:

Thanks for your interest in ways that our two companies might work together. For over twenty years, we have been selling business integration technology, with more than ten years using overseas warehouses to ship direct to the end-user country. There is a certain level of sophistication required to ship from one country to another, when you are in a third.

We have learned many lessons the hard way and are prepared to share that knowledge with you. Twenty-three years sourcing the latest solutions & securing global dealerships directly with the manufacturer are another major advantage. This is no small measure when you consider the barriers in language, currency, culture and time differential.

This year alone, we have forged new alliances with inventors in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil and Germany!

And so...we have decided to set up a few ways we might structure a joint venture together. They include:


Request pricing wholesale from our domestic operation-"J.R. Systems Wholesalers Div.", or sister international group,"Washington World Trade Div.". This depends on whether the goods are shipped from the USA or overseas. Price quotes are "as needed" in response to very specific requests, such as "we have a customer with a hotel that wants...". There is no fee for this relationship. We will fax, or e-mail a quote, with brochures of the suggested solution.


Use our retail name, "THE HIGH TECH STORE Div.", in which case all product line must be bought from our wholesale arm, assuming we can match or beat the pricing you now pay. This exclusive relationship for the (insert territory here) would also allow you to set up sub-stores, or dealers. There is a fee associated with this approach.


This idea includes opening a physical showroom, whether staffed daily, or open by appointment. A joint-venture, with HTI-Corporation as minority partner, would be established, and we would share in the profits of a co-managed location. In this configuration, our contribution is the product line, 900 suppliers (spanning 23 years' relationship), technical support, ordering and shipping oversight.

All prices are quoted as our net cost, with no mark-up, and manufacturer original invoice is attached. Our profit relies on the success of the showroom/store. There is a fee associated with this approach.

Establishing showrooms, or stores-worldwide, is our true interest. You and your employees have a specialty? Computer, Telephone or Security? We should be working together. Our email is flooded with quality contacts looking for automation solutions from your "back yard". Our best solution has you handling a product and territory within your scope and specialty which may well mean calling a lead across town which had just emailed, called, faxed or icq'd us across the globe. And they are always shocked by our attempt to "sell global, service local".

 If you are interested in pursuing this concept, do not hesitate to contact us asap. You can also send an email from here, or do a live form here.

Otherwise, please follow the link below to the dealer application and either mail, fax or e-mail it back.