(also used for retail store robbery and "hold-up" situations)

GSM Alarm-Cellular Alarm with 2 Emergency Pendants sends an SMS (text message) or pre-recorded voice message. Read the details

Self-Contained Wireless Cellular Alarm 

RC200:Voice activated inbound response, or remote pendant. 20# dialer (scans past speed dial listing with red indicator light. User presses pendant 2nd time to choose). Two-way speaker...$299 (brochure/gif)

RC100:Same as above, except 6#, not 20#, and no voice activation.

X-10:Pendant based dialer. (brochure 100kb/gif)

USP Voice Dialer: ADV-45 Motion based 4# voice dialer. (brochure/gif) $150.00

USP ER-1WW "Pull-for-Help" Emergency Phone. 4# dialer, Pendant, Speakerphone, Pull Tab (like building fire alarm), 20# Speed Dial, Four 1-touch auto-dial buttons, Pre-recorded voice message.......$299.00 incl. delivery.(click here for brochure)

Optex Sensor & Annunciator: Using remote control activator, can signal with chime or alarm for help within the house.  Click Here


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