Alert: Worldwide prices for Solar Panels:

Direct from the factory, now $1.75 - $2.45 USD per Watt.
FOB Loading Dock

(New Jersey) Pick-up via Common Carrier (We will manage payment & goods transfer)

Flag of the United States of America

Certificates and Pro-Forma Invoice P/I provided on request.

Sample Panel 220 Watts  (Test & Inspect)  Q #1 @... $495.00                   Q #25 (1 Palette) @$2.18 per = $11,995.00 USD

Sample Panel 225 Watts  (Test & Inspect)  Q #1 @... $535.00                   Q #25 (1 Palette) @$2.30 per = $12, 937.00 USD

 Sample Panel 230 Watts  (Test & Inspect)   Q #1 @... $585.00                  Q #25 (1 Palette)  @$2.35 per =$13, 512.00 USD

 Sample Panel 240 Watts  (Test & Inspect)  Q #1 @.... $645.00                  Q #25 (1 Palette) @$2.45 per = $14, 700.00 USD

Please note, prices have been dropping. To confirm the prices listed above, please email, chat or call for the latest quote.

MX Solar (USA) HQ & Inside Factory View

Alternative Production Facility-Shenzhen, China. Ships Direct with pricing from $1.60 - $1.95 USD per Watt. FOB (Made-in-China)

Welcome to the Green Zone. Technology working for all of us. If we all join together we will make this world a greener place. We carry Water and Air Purifiers, White Noise (masks noise pollution), Sun Dish (Solar Concentrator), Solar Chimney & Solar Panels to harness the sun's natural energy.. Latest entry is the J-V between Dupont and  a German firm to introduce the "Smart Fuel Cell" which operates on clean "Methanol from Biomass". Viridian offers a new process to extract minerals without toxic mining, especially Cobalt and Nickel. And, what about turning "Rice Shells into Fiberboard?" for Construction Material (from Drywall to Doors). Click Here (Malaysian projects)

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