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Product Matrix


USA/Canada/Americas 850/1900 GSM or Worldwide 900/1800 GSM or Quad (Just Insert the SIM chip)


Please note: Some products are not approved for the Americas, others can be used worldwide


Shipping from the Source (USA, China, UK, Israel, Singapore, Germany, Czech), Direct to you, or your client's door. (UPS, TNT, Fedex, DHL EMS-not included)


     Eurotech Israel GSM or CDMA Fax Terminal for G3 Analog          


World's only dual-mode, quad band GSM Cellular Portable Fax


                                       W 35 Connections

Phonecell SX by Telular                                                                  Ericsson W 35 Voice-Data (worldwide) and  IP Fax (AU Only)

Fax Send & Recieve Online starts @ $3.99 USD per mo.




 WORLDWIDE LIST (by Country)


NOTE: For a Stand-Alone GSM Analog Fax Machine or "Terminal with Attached Fax" to work.
This service called CSD must be offered
! Some offer free, others $10 a mo.

CDMA Fax for Verizon? eFax is the only way. Click Here [Netgear Terminal $377, Scanner $89, Notebook PC $199-299, 12v-110v CLA $49  = $799.95 with UPS]




1-SIM GSM FAX Terminal [FCC & CE Approved] Quad Band (850-900-1800-1900)  USA T-Mobile ONLY

Worldwide Unit for Voice, Fax and SMS Retail $469.95 Your Cost $499.95  Read more here


Brother 2940 Laser Fax

Brother intelliFAX-2940 High-Speed Laser Fax, Copier

Brother Fax 4001

Brother intelliFAX-4100e Business-Class Laser Fax, Copier




Canon L100


Canon FAXPHONE® L100 Laser Fax, Copier, Printer (New or Refurbished)

  • ~33.6 Kbps / 3 spp
  • ~512 page memory
  • ~30 speed / 100 coded dials
  • ~Up to 19 ppm / 12 cpm
  • ~150 sheet input tray
  • ~30 sheet ADF
  • ~8.5 x 14 max paper size
  • ~8,000 page duty cycle
  • ~64 MB, USB (Windows/Mac)
  • ~1 year limited warranty
  • ~14.7 x 12 x 12 / 20 lbs
  • ~Uses: CNM128 toner


Canon L190


Canon FAXPHONE® L190 Laser Fax, Copier, Printer w/Duplex (New or Refurbished)



Ricoh 3320 Fax


Ricoh FAX3320L Laser Fax, Copier



Ricoh 4430 Laser Fax


Ricoh FAX4430L Laser Fax, Copier (Regular or NR Networked)


BIZ-Fax "Virtual Fax Machine" eFax LAN by Yeastar

Yeastar LAN eFax

Request the Brochure

  • 1 Fax Line, Share & Distribute up to 25 users. (50-user version $599 plus UPS)
  • .Install BizFAX Client Software on a computer, and then you have a "Virtual Fax Machine".
  • The FXS port is to connect a physical fax machine for scanning, printing or faxing directly.
  • Compatible with PSTN (FXO), meaning a regular Wired Line
  • You can communicate by phone before faxing.
  • Auto convert documents as doc, xls and pdf to fax format tiff by BizFAX Printer.
  • Auto create a single fax document with multiple pages from multiple documents.
  • Send a fax to multiple numbers at the same time.
  • Customizable fax page header.
  • The user is able to make a annotation, signature and stamp through BizFAX Editor.
  • If the other party manually receives a Fax, user can make a call to talk with the other party at first by virtual fax extension and then send a fax after the call.
  • FAX to Email.
  • Can save up quantity of fax documents. E serial memory is about 500M (about 15000 pages) and expandable by Net Disk.
  • Virtual fax extensions can make calls; send emails and Instant Message (IM) to each other.

Retails $699 Street Sale $489 Our Price $439 plus UPS

Your Cost $399.95
(Special Introduction saves you $50 & $10 Ground Shipping Free-48 USA)


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+ 1 212 470 9664 NYC Office 8am to 8pm (Mobile SMS Viber & WhatsApp) or

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