GRETA TM Complete Portable Office:

Phone, SMS, Fax, Copier, Printer & Scanner (when attached to your PC)

Selling worldwide over 20 years Model PM70, PM80, Greta

Just insert your GSM SIM (900/1800/1900mhz)   [Note: In the USA Greta works on  T-Mobile Service, with a simple SIM] Requires CSD Service

See the entire list of Cellular Portable Fax Machines & SIM Inserted Terminals (plugs in any Fax)

MAJOR PRICE DROP for 2020 $699.95 plus Shipping

(from Manufacturer in Sweden direct to you via UPS, DHL, Fedex)

Greta GSM Fax


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GRETA The Fax*, Telephone, Printer, Scanner & Copier

GSM Networks (900/1800/1900mhz) Worldwide Frequencies most Carriers share

Printer & Scanner (via USB)
Thermal printer
Paper capacity 15 meter / 50ft. roll
Approx. 50 A4 or Letter size print-outs

Document memory  (10-20 pages depending on image type-text versus photo)

Keyboard and light diodes
Background illuminated keyboard and activity monitor

Internal Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (up to 10 days Standby)

AC/DC adapter is included (either 110v or 220v Mains)

External Antenna
12v Lighter Plug or 24v Hard Install Charger
Mounting Kit
Carrying Case
Fax Paper (standard Thermal-buy anywhere)

Cellular interface
Triple band Siemens MC55 (EUROPE) and MC56 (US Tri-Band)

 Telephone Interface: Ear/Mike or Headset


[ W ] 290 mm / 11,4 inches
[ D ] 150 mm / 5,9 inches
[ H ] 50 mm / 2 inches

Less than 1000 grams / 35 oz.

Payment Worldwide via:

MasterCard-VISA, PayPal  (20 Currencies-including Pound Sterling , Krona, Peso, Rial, Rupiah, Kronar, Ruble & Pound L.E.),

Bank Wire Transfer (TT/SWIFT), Western Union, (Deduct 2% for Cash)

USA Personal & Business Check (allow 7-10 days), U.S. Postal Money Order, (Pre-Load: Money Card, Cash Card, MoneyPak) (Deduct 2% for Cash)

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United States Dollar

Greta with 110v or 220v Power Cord
Retail $1395.00  Sale Priced $699.95 USD plus Shipping Worldwide
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Greta & Accessories

European Euro 550 plus Shipping [Paying in Euro Currency]

Greta & Accessories
Great Britain (UK) Sterling 495.00 plus Shipping [Paying in Sterling]
Greta & Accessories

What about a more powerful idea (1-watt) of combining a  

GSM (SIM inserted works worldwide, but in the USA Fax only through T-Mobile) Cellular Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) called EasyGate Fax $499.95

with a Panasonic Mini-Fax $89.95 or any Fax, plugged in?  Read more (Combo Package Deal $649)

Easygate Fax Terminal


When all else fails, Satellite Fax works. 1 Penny for a "Cellular eFax" page, 10 Cents for "Cellular Fax" (Terminal or Stand-Alone) and $1.10 a page for "Satellite Fax", but it WORKS!  Read more on Everything Satphone (Handheld/Interface $2000+ or "IP Fax by Sat" using encrypted Ground Stations $3500+)

What about a dual-mode Cellular GSM (quad) Portable Fax AND a Wall (Wire-line) POTS PSTN in one unit?

(Sorry but this unit is Not FCC approved for use in the USA) Click Here


Online Faxing send & receive from $3.99 a mo.


HQ-NYC+ 1 347 822 7106  Mobile, SMS, WhatsApp & Viber Skype hightechintl

Italiano, Portuguese y Español , Si.+ 1 786 556 4858 Miami (Mobile, SMS, WhatsApp y Viber) Skype: markcohen305

Afrikaans, Dutch, German, Francais, Flemish +27-(0) 74 284-8888 (Mobile, SMS, Viber & WhatsApp)

For other Cellular Fax Options click here

High Tech Departments
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Surveillance & Countermeasure:
Cameras (CCTV), "Remote Look-in", Recorders, Detectors, Encryption &

Scrambler, Metal & Bomb Detector, Night Vision, Intrusion Detection

Shoplifting &  Theft Prevention, Wireless & Wired Alarm, Sensors, Driveway Alarm,

Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

Office Telephones & PBX Systems , Payphone, Intercom, Caller-ID, 
Cordless, 2-Way Radios, Building Entry, Elevator, Cellular & Sat Phone (End User),

Long-Range Cordless, Auto-Attendant & Voicemail, Mobile Dealers

Disability & Assistive Devices:
Emergency Medical Phone, TDD,  Voice-Dialing Phone, Clarity-Walker Specialty Phones

Alerts (phone, door, fire).....

Name-Brand & Custom-Made, Laptops & Notebooks, Netbook & PDA, 
Printers & Scanners Software, Peripherals &  Interfaces, Touch Screen
Business System Workstations:
Desktop Publishing & Web Mastering, Kiosks, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD),

Point-Of-Sale (POS)......

Environmental & Clean Power Generation  
Clean Air & Water Solutions, Solar-Panels & Power Solutions,

Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Wind Turbines

Retail Store Equipment:
Credit Card Reader & Printer, Bar-coding & Point-of-Sale (POS), Mirrors,

Cash Registers....Click Here for .Shoplifting OR Cameras (cctv)

Office Equipment:
Time Clocks , Shredders, Calculators & Organizers, Copiers, Collator & Burster,

Check Writers & Signers

Global Services Group:
800& 900 numbers, Long-Distance Discount Calling, Merchant Service, Telephone

Install & Repair, Consulting, Internet Translation

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