GSM Cellular Wireless Security Solutions: 


Stand-Alone GSM Alarm & Alarm Back-Up,  Alarm Activation Alert via SMS, "Remote View" via GSM CCTV and "Remote Control"


GSM Alarm Dialer & Listen-in

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Biggest names & players? Honeywell, Visonic, 2N, Jablotron, Astel, Uplink, Digicell, Telular, USP




GSM Door, Window, Luggage, Briefcase, Container Alarm


Lowest-Priced Solution for a Single Location, One-Door, Luggage Suitcase, Briefcase,, Shipping Container, Office Drawer, Vault or Safe, Vacation Home, Dog Kennel, Storage Room, Cafeteria Fridge, or Monitor a package during transport, ALERT if opened....

"GSM Intelligent Alarm" tm,

Simple Magnet (easy mount) for door frame, transmitter with SIM on door. OPEN Door, activate Alarm. Silent call to your Cell.

Listen-in Function

Tracking capacity

GSM Quad Band (Insert the SIM)


How to Use:

1. Setting the Outbound called phone number;

2. Calling the GSM Intelligent Alarm to test whether the circuit is connected;

3. Setting corresponding functions according to your own requirements.

Specific Use Conditions:

1. Usage: Insert a SIM card as instructed. A quick flashing blue indicator light one time and then flashes 3 times about 30 seconds later, & the GSM host is now set & ready for work;

2. Switch language: Send LAG2 change the language to English. Send LAG3 change the language to Russian;

3. Setting the Called Numbers & Order: For automatically calling: the first phone, please send text message "00000"to initialize, then send "111"to the SIM card (it will respond with a message if completed).

4. Each device can be set to call 5 numbers, so if you want to set the second phone #, you can send message "222" to the SIM card, following by additional numbers in sequence. (BUT, if all want to set is one phone,...just send one message"111" to the SIM card);

5. Stand time: 7~15 days (according to the strength of local network signal);

6. Built-in 500mAH battery.

Model B-GSMIA-01
Color Black
Material ABS Plastic (Very Sturdy, Hardened Shell)
Power Source Built-in 500mAh Battery Li-Ion
Working Temperature -45~60Ώ
Working Frequency Quad Band: Global 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz
Power Supply AC charger
Battery included or not Yes
Rated Current 0.5A
Rate Voltage 5V
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions  3.27 in x 1.46 in x 0.39 in (8.3 cm x 3.7 cm x 1 cm)  Teeny, Tiny, Itzy, Bitsy
Weight 1.02 Ounces  (29 g)
Packing List
1 x GSM alarm
1 x Magnetic stripe
1 x Power cord (19.5cm)
1 x Chinese / English manual
3 x Installation stickers

Retails $149.95 USD Your Cost $89.95 [ plus $9.95 EMS Airmail Worldwide] (Local SIM not included)



Remote Quad GSM Cellular CCTV Camera (2G GSM/GPRS Worldwide or 3G-outside the USA) & Alarm Accessory Inputs

*Wireless Electric (Mains) Remote Control, External Wireless PIR Motion Sensor, Wireless Thermostat,


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