2 inputs, 1 output, [Optional Temperature Monitoring and Power Failure Alerts]

The new compact GSM SIM Box allows you to add SMS alert capacity to any switched input such as a Commercial Control Box Alarm, Home Alarm, Fence Sensor Beams, Wireless & Wired PIR, Water Tank, Door Switch, Machine Controller, Compressor etc. It has two input channels and can send a custom SMS message when the input is closed, open or both and the message can be sent to one or two recipients. Add the optional internal rechargeable battery, the unit will alert you if the main power supply is lost making it ideal for "Power Outage Alerts". An external Temperature Probe can be connected to an input channel to transform the unit into a "Temperature Monitor".


Main benefits: 

Be Informed - by custom SMS if the inputs are trigger.
Be in control - Send a SMS Text to switch the transistor output - open gates, reboot remote system etc.
Remote-Monitor - monitor for power cuts and temperature changes.
Send two message to 2 recipients.
Power cut alerts.
Low running costs - Price of a text message per alert.
Status Message- Regular status message to confirm system active.
Tamper Alarm.

What if you are away or your Alarm System Siren is Ignored?

By adding the simple GSM Box into the siren output circuit the Mobile Phone will then receive a "Home Alarm Activated" SMS message as soon as the Alarm is triggered so the recipient can respond.

Core Features & Specification:

2 x Digital Inputs - send custom SMS. Send mixture of messages on inputs opening, closing or both. Alert by call option.
1 x Transistor Output - 500mA 30vDC Max- control by SMS command.
Battery Backup Option- add an internal 9V battery for power fail/restore alerts
- lasts up to 12 hours.
Internal Temperature - monitor on-board temperature and alert on adjustable levels.
External Temperature option- add external temperature probes.
Scheduled Status Message - send periodic "watchdog" messages like a "status report"
Power Requirements - 12v to 15v DC
GSM Network - 900/1800MHz Dual 850/1900MHz Americas
Operating Temperature - -30...+55°C
Antennae - Built-in (Should not be mounted in a metal enclosure)
Dimensions -96 x 59 x 34mm

GSM SIM Boxfor SMS (Wiring)

Retails $399, Your Cost $249 plus $14,95 EMS (Telephone Tech Support Avail.)

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