• High traffic volume
  • Verified quality
  • 2x PRI ISDN connection
  • Scalable capacity (up to 32 GSM channels)
  • Up to 8 SIM cards per GSM channel
  • Voice and SMS transmission
  • Virtual SIM card application support

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  • Significant cost savings
  • 2x PRI ISDN connections
  • Scalable capacity (up to 16 GSM channels) & 4-SIM per Channel Blue Tower (up to 8)
  • Voice and SMS transmission


  • Remote control and supervision of ATEUS® – STARGATE and ATEUS® – BLUESTAR units
  • Easy installation
  • Easily integrated into your monitoring system (SNMP)
  • Automatic alarms notifications via SNMP, SMS, E-Mail in the case of errors
  • Stable PC on LINUX platform with integrated firewall
  • Independent with unit with no influence on the ATEUS® – STARGATE and ATEUS® – BLUESTAR


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