GSM Wireless Coin Pay Telephone

OPTION #1 GSM Module Combined with Coin Tabletop Payphone (not installed) Package Deal

GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal & Coin Tabletop Payphone Combined (not installed)

This new offering from China makes "plug n' play" a reality, with out of box set-up possible within minutes.

Shipping in either 900/1800mhz (Europe, Asia, Mideast, Africa) or 850/1900 (USA, Canada, Central & South America)

Retail Pricing (msrp) $499.95 USD (FOB) China

Introductory Sales Price $299.95 (FOB) China

Cell Operators, Service Providers, Dealers & Agents Welcome

Read more in this PDF

OPTION #2 Combine a FWT and a regular Desktop Phone or Cordless & charge your own rates

#1 GSM SIM Line

The analog EasyGate gateway has been designed not only for Voice transmission between your PBX and GSM networks, but also for  Data, SMS and PC Fax transmission between your PC (LAN) and GSM networks. Using this gateway you can half your company telephone bill since all calls directed to GSM networks are routed through EasyGate and huge costs for the PSTN-GSM connection are avoided.

Thanks to FSK you can see the calling party number on your telephone display (if supported by the phone). The EasyGate serial port is used for the GPRS and  CSD connection and PC FAX sending. The EasyGate GSM router can be used  in areas where no PSTN lines are available.

NEW FEATURE: With our latest version of ATEUS SMS Server Software you will gain the advantage of SMS delivery reports. Since now, you may have a full review of your messages, whether they were delivered and exactly when.


  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • 2-wire, FXS interface (for connection to the CO interface of your PBX) 
  • ETSI FSK - Calling Line Identification - you can see the calling number on your telephone display
  • SMS sending & receiving from LAN using ATEUS SMS Server
  • Serial port for GPRS/CSD connection and PC FAX
  • Automatic SMS sending activated by an external signal
  • 12V battery-power option
  • Dialed number restriction, evaluation and modification
  • Baby call feature (automatic call without dialing)
  • Easy & comfortable maintenance, configuration and upgrade

#2 Tabletop Payphone
7-10 digit dialing
Coins set to your specification. (1-2-5)
Sounds tone on 3 minute warning
Large coin box built in
Wall Mount with larger coin box (self contained) available
Millions sold worldwide for wireline pstn
Instruction sheet above LCD can be customized
LCD text can be customized

OPTION #3 VoIP Coin Networked Payphone

Retail $499.95 Volume Pricing Required

Read the Pdf Cell Operators, Service Providers, Dealers & Agents Welcome

OPTION #4 GSM Coin Networked Payphone


Retail $399.95 Suggested Sale $349.95 Volume Pricing Required

Read the Pdf Cell Operators, Service Providers, Dealers & Agents Welcome

For demo units, a sample will be provided with Chinese Coins (for test). In volume quantity, 4 sets of your country's coins are required, to customize & change weight and measurement. Quantity for production 500-1500 required. Color Customization & Private Label 1500-2500
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