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Are you actually looking for a Cellular Terminal (called a Cellular Fixed Wireless Terminal or FWT), to use for Calls, like a PaBX, Call Termination. Data Line or Wire Line backup & replacement?

VoIP Channel Bank, Gateway, SIM Server

Are you actually looking for a GSM Speakerphone or GSM Cordless Base Speakerphone (Insert SIM) with 1-4 Cordless extensions, for Office, Home/Office Calls & Text?

China, Germany, Israel, USA, Czech, India, Australia, South Africa, UK

  GSM MW5 Community Payphone  
Retail $595.

Model No. MW6 Payphone $495 with software 
(10 piece min.)
Speakerphone $395.00

GSM Community Payphone MW5

Management system
Easy Maintenance
To see the MW6 brochure in MS-Word Click Here

This unit functions as a Payphone or Desktop Speakerphone.

  TYW-161 for PSTN
  TYW-561 for GSM Network
  Outdoor GSM Chip Card Payphone 
Calling Cards $.60-.75 ea. (2000 min.)
Retail $995.00 USD Quantity $495-695
 .doc file Click Here
  Indoor GSM Chip Card Payphone
Retail $849.00
 .doc file Click Here

Power TYW-161 / Line Power of 48V or 60V
             TYW-561 / AC Power
Dialing DTMF / Pulse
Charging Method Internal Tariff of Exchange charging signal.
Charging Signal Reverse Polarity 12k/16k (optional).
Internal Tariff EPROM Setting and Additional Programming via Keypad or Remote Management System.
Types of Call Local, Long-Distance, IDD, Free, Barred, and Incoming Calls.
LCD Dialed Number and It's Required Fee, Inserted Coin value, Remaining Conversation Time or Remaining Credit, Self-Diagnostic Message, and Accumulated Revenue or Value of Coins in Coin Box Message, and Accumulated Revenue or Value of Coins in Coin Box.
Backlit of LCD (optional).
Function Keys Push-to-Talk, Redial, Voice Amplification, and Follow-on Call.

Coin Slot Single Slot for Multiple Kinds of Coin
Key Pad Square Key (plastic ) or Round Key (AI & Zn Alloy).
Coin Box Value Counting of Collected Coins 
Housing Front Side - Stainless Steel
                 Back Side - Painted Steel
Coin Detector By Diameter, Thickness, and Material (optional).
Dimension H410 x W220 x D230 mm
Weight 10kgs

Mobil GSM900 / 1800 Voice / Data
Transmit Power GSM900-2 Watts
                              GSM1800-1 Watts
Accommodate Max. 3 SIM Cards.

Remote Management System.
External Coin Box.

GSM Fixed Telephone W4 

GSM Fixed Telephone W4 (As of March 1st, Refer to MW6, above.)
Cheaper GSM-to-GSM Calls
Good for remote village household use or enterprise use.
Easy expanding subscribers for GSM Operators

GSM Interface Unit 

GSM Fixed Cellular Unit TCU-100
   Retail $395.00 FOB
Can be used in combination with a Pay Telephone, Normal Analogue Telephones and GSM Wireless application
Supporting 12KHz, 16KHz, Reverse Polarity Metering / Signaling
RS-232 port for Wireless Data Transmission

Dual Band : 900/1800 MHz
GSM SIM Card socket : GSM 11.11 standard comply
RF Power : 2W/900MHZ; 1W/1800MHZ
Charging Signal provided : Reverse Polarity; 12Khz; 16Khz
LEDs : setting, status, warning, three LEDs
Dial tone frequency : 425Hz(default); 
LCR Feature (optional)
AC Power : 220/110VAC
Back up Battery : 7.2VDC/2A(optional)

Interface Connector : RJ-11 
RS 232 Data port
Antenna Connector : SMA 
Housing : SECC Metallic housing
Temperature : -10 ~ 55 degree C
Relative humidity : 10% ~ 90%
Dimension : 20(L) x 9(W) x 3(H) cm
Weight : 700g approximately

Payphone -> GSM Payphone
Normal telephone -> GSM Fixed Telephone

Also available:
GSM Fixed Telephone
GSM Metering phone
* Subject to change without notice

GSM Indoor Coinphone

GSM Indoor Coinphone VT-200
Low cost and easy installation
Keypad programming features
External metal coin box & armored cord available(optional)


High Tech Departments
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Surveillance & Countermeasure:
Cameras (CCTV), "Remote Look-in", Recorders, Detectors, Encryption &

Scrambler, Metal & Bomb Detector, Night Vision, Intrusion Detection

Shoplifting &  Theft Prevention, Wireless & Wired Alarm, Sensors, Driveway Alarm,

Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

Office Telephones & PBX Systems , Payphone, Intercom, Caller-ID, 
Cordless, 2-Way Radios, Building Entry, Elevator, Cellular & Sat Phone (End User),

Long-Range Cordless, Auto-Attendant & Voicemail, Mobile Dealers

Disability & Assistive Devices:
Emergency Medical Phone, TDD,  Voice-Dialing Phone, Clarity-Walker Specialty Phones

Alerts (phone, door, fire).....

Name-Brand & Custom-Made, Laptops & Notebooks, Netbook & PDA, 
Printers & Scanners Software, Peripherals &  Interfaces, Touch Screen
Business System Workstations:
Desktop Publishing & Web Mastering, Kiosks, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD),

Point-Of-Sale (POS)......

Environmental & Clean Power Generation  
Clean Air & Water Solutions, Solar-Panels & Power Solutions,

Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Wind Turbines

Retail Store Equipment:
Credit Card Reader & Printer, Bar-coding & Point-of-Sale (POS), Mirrors,

Cash Registers....Click Here for .Shoplifting OR Cameras (cctv)

Office Equipment:
Time Clocks , Shredders, Calculators & Organizers, Copiers, Collator & Burster,

Check Writers & Signers

Global Services Group:
800& 900 numbers, Long-Distance Discount Calling, Merchant Service, Telephone

Install & Repair, Consulting, Internet Translation


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