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  • Andrea AT&T Audiovox Binatone/Motorola Bluetrek
  • Clarity Clear Sounds EnGenius Geemarc GN Netcom Panasonic
  • Plantronics (320 items in this group alone)
  • RCA Business Snom Vtech, Senheiser Konftel

    AT&T Cordless DECT Speaker

    • Accessory speakerphone only - For use with many AT&T business phones and AT&T CL, CRL, CLP, TL and VTech DS, SN, IS series home cordless phones
    • Simulated full-duplex speakerphone - enjoy a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls. Increase participation by allowing both ends to speak—and be heard—at the same time for conversations that are more true to life
    • Cordless speakerphone - be more mobile by using this DECT 6.0 cordless speakerphone for everyday conversations. This face-up speakerphone provides superior sound and ease of use. The speakerphone slips easily in your pocket, making it easy to complete a conversation anywhere within range
    • ECO mode power-conserving technology - ECO mode manages power consumption so the system uses less energy and you get the best battery life
    • DECT 6.0 digital technology - AT&T's DECT 6.0 products provide unsurpassed range and clarity thanks to a unique antenna design and noise-filtering technology. This means phones that perform 45 percent better than the competition in lab tests—and the confidence you can take a call in the basement, backyard, or garage without sacrificing exceptional sound quality
    • Up to 500 feet of range - Experience the best in long-rang coverage and clarity, provided by a unique antenna design and advances in noise-filtering technology.

    Bluetooth Speakers
    White or Red Color
    $199 per pair 36 watt w/Woofer & Tweeter & USB charger
    Bluetooth Speakers
    Bluetooth Interface
    Mylink, Panasonic, Gigaset & 'DocknTalk'
    MyLink Bluetooth Interface (ITC-BTTN, Grace, Siemens)
    PaBX to Bluetooth
    (Office Phone System Adapter
    Plantronics HS50 HL10


    Calisto P830-M PC/MOBLIE/CO Speakerphone
    Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

    Konftel Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone
    GSM (cellular)
    SIM-Inserted Conference Speakerphone

    USB Headset
    Ear Bud (Andrea)

    SB-205 USB Earbuds with mics and NC
    Bluetooth Bullet Speakers 
    with Cell Stand $99.95 + UPS
    IP Phones
    IP Video Phones
    Headset (USB)

    High Quality Digital Stereo USB Headset
    Voyager Headset
    by Plantronics
    See below 
    Yeastar VoIP (Internet
    Bluetooth Booster
    24w $129 or 100w $189
    for BT Music Speakers

    Grace Bluetooth Booster 24 or 100 watt
    Headset with USB
    see below
    Wireless Phones
    (WiFi) and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
    Unidata WiFi Cordless
    Video Conferencing

    Grandstream Videophone
    PC Free IP Cordless
    Four 4G
    3G/4G Router with WiFi

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    Plantronics USA "Calisto"tm Specialty Audio-Conference Speakerphones & Headset Interfaces
    Calisto P420 Full Duplex Speaker Phone 
    Calisto P420 Full Duplex Speaker Phone
    • 360-degree microphone and speaker coverage for small to medium-sized rooms
    • Digital Signal Processing technology provides echo cancellation, automatic noise reduction and adaptive volume control
    • Wideband support for best-in-class PC audio
    • Omni-direction microphone for 360-degree room coverage
    • Onboard mute and volume control functions
    • Connects to any PC via a standard USB cable
    • Compact and portable, protective carrying case included
    • Headphone jack with option for private calls
    Calisto P830-M PC/MOBLIE/CO Speakerphone 
    Calisto P830-M PC/MOBLIE/CO Speakerphone

  • A 2.4" color display and a touch sensitive dial pad for easy caller ID viewing, dialing, answering, switching, and muting across devices
  • Support for Bluetooth and corded headsets/headphones (dual 3.5mm jack)
  • Ideal for home or private office workers with multiple communication devices
  • Talk time: Up to 5 hours (PA50 wireless mic)
  • Wireless frequency: Bluetooth v2.1 + eSCO
  • Audio performance: Wideband (up to 6,800 Hz), echo cancellation, noise reduction, full duplex
  • $169.95
    Calisto PA50 Wireless Mic for P820/P830 
    Calisto PA50 Wireless Mic for P820/P830
    Calisto P825-M PC/Mobile Spkrphone Mic 
    Calisto P825-M PC/Mobile Speakerphone & Mic
    57240.001 Handset for PC with Dial Pad 
    Handset for PC with Dial Pad
    86700-01 Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone
     Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone
    • Plantronics Calisto 620 portable wireless UC speakerphone that instantly transforms your laptop or smartphone into a high-quality conferencing device
    • Small and lightweight, the Calisto 620 provides professional-sounding audio and wireless connectivity, wherever you touch down
    • Designed to simplify call management with an easy interface for answer/end, mute and volume on your laptop or smart phone, and it comes with a Bluetooth® mini USB adapter for always-ready PC connectivity
    • With its own high-quality travel case, the small, lightweight speakerphone is the right size for your laptop bag or carry-on, without cords or fuss
    • Offering unmatched audio clarity, the Calisto 620 features 360° full duplex audio and Bi-directional microphones that activate in the direction of the speaker’s voice so callers hear you—not your background
    • PC wideband audio and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) reduce drop-outs and echo with Acoustic Echo Canceller
    • Integrated A2DP lets you listen to streaming media from your mobile device, including your favorite songs, podcasts and more
    • Call control across multiple softphones
    • Battery meter conveniently displays headset battery life remaining in PC icon tray
    • Headset control panel allows for customization of settings, including call notification and related options
    • UC presence automatically updated when on a call; not only on PC calls, but also when on mobile calls
    86701-01 Portable Wireless Speakerphone
    Portable Wireless Speakerphone
    • Simplified call management with an easy interface on PC or mobile phone
    • Bluetooth mini USB adapter for always-ready PC connectivity
    • Up to 7 hours wireless talk time, up to 5 days standby time
    • PC wideband audio and Digital Signal Processing reduces drop-outs and echo
    • Bi-directional microphones activate in the direction of speaker's voice
    • Full duplex audio with 360 degree room coverage
    • Integrated A2DP lets you listen to streaming media from your mobile device
    • Microsoft-certified version optimized for Microsoft Lync and Microsoft OCS 2007
    85335-01 Speakerphone with Wireless Mic
    Speakerphone with Wireless Mic

    DECT Cordless Wireless Headset

    Suggested Retail: $249.99
    Your Price: $179.95
    Model # TL-7610
    Weight: 4.5875lbs
    Length: 10in
    Width: 9.5in
    Height: 4.5in

    AT&T DECT 6.0 Cordless headset
    - Unsurpassed range
    - DECT 6.0 digital technology
    - Headset volume control
    - Up to 500 feet of range
    - Auto off
    - Conference capability with up to 2 headsets
    - Dual color lighted in-use indicator
    - Headset volume control
    - Lightweight and comfortable design
    - Multiple connection options: handset port and parallel PSTN
    - Multiple wearing styles: over the ear, over the head or behind the neck style
    - Mute
    - One-button answer
    - Optional handset lifter (ATT-TL7000 sold separately)
    - Optional remote dial pad works with PSTN connection mode only (ATT-TL7601 sold separately)
    - Sound level protection
    - Wirelessly pair to any 2008 AT&T DECT 6.0 cordless products
    - Works with corded or cordless 1-line and 2-line phones
    - Works with multi-line business systems

    $179.95 USD & $9.95 Ground UPS


    Motorola HS850
    Bluetooth Headset

     - Over-the-ear headset, fits on either ear
    - For use with Bluetooth enabled phones only, including Nokia, Sony, LG, Ericsson, Siemens, and Motorola
    - The latest in Bluetooth wireless technology
    - Boom microphone flips open for call readiness and flips closed to extend battery life                                                                                        

    -- (flips open to connect with phone, flips closed to end a call)
    - 8 Hours of talk time
    - 200 Hours of standby time without recharging
    - Weighs less than 7 ounces
    - Comfortable fit
    - Bluetooth link is encrypted for privacy and protection from interference
    - Blue LED light provides indication of on/off, standby mode, pairing status, call status
    - Multifunction button to place, receive, and end calls
    - 3 Way calling and call hold supported by the hands-free profile
    - Volume control buttons
    - Ergonomic ear hook
    - Uses Bluetooth 1.2 which provides better call quality, less interference, and works with previous Bluetooth versions
    - Headset automatically powers down if out of range with phone for more than 10 minutes
    - Dimensions: 10.25"L x 7"W x 2.75"H
    - Silver

    Use your VISA or Mastercard (Paypal 6-Months SAME as CASH)

    $89.95 plus shipping $9.95

    Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset

    - 3x the talk time of the the world's leading Bluetooth headsets
    - Convenience on the go, no need to ever charge
    - Works only with Bluetooth enabled phones
    - Over the ear design
    - Powered by a single AAA battery (included)
    - One touch control for answering calls, ending calls, and putting calls on hold
    - Blue LED light indicates headset status and lets others know you are on a call (feature can be disabled)
    - Advanced volume controls can adjust the orientation of volume "up" button
    - Mute
    - Reversible hook, fits on either ear
    - Headset automatically powers down if out of range for more than 10 minutes
    - 30' Range
    - Pairs with up to 8 devices
    - Up to 30 hour talk time or 30 day standby time
    - Box dimensions: 8.25"L x 4.5"W x 2.5"H
    - Weighs less than 25g
    - Black

    $69.95 plus shipping $7.95

     Panasonic TCA92 Foldable Over the Head Headset

    - Over-the-head 2.5mm headset for cordless phones
    - For use with 900MHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz digital and analog cordless phones
    - In-line volume control and mute
    - Noise canceling microphone
    - Comfort fit headband
    - Right or left side fit
    - Only covers one ear
    - Foldable design
    - Light weight
    - 7.4 ft. cord
    - Black and silver
    - Clamshell packaging  

    $29.95 USD plus shipping $7.95

    GN Netcom

    Plantronics T10 Headset Telephone

    - Fully functional
    - Adjusts for over-the-ear or over-the-head use
    - 3-Way conferencing
    - Large red online indicator
    - Tone control
    - Headset stand included
    - Redial/flash/mute on base
    - Black

    1-Line Version T10 Priced $99.95 USD plus shipping $11.95

    2-Line Version T20 Priced $119.95 USD plus shipping $12.95

    Package contents:
    - Telephone base
    - Convertible headset
    - Headset stand
    - Ac adapter
    - Line cord
    - Clothing clip
    - Manual

    Plantronics CS 510 Bluetooth Wireless Headset (plus base)

    - Over-the-ear headset design
    - Turns an office phone into a Bluetooth phone (in an office environment, this products works like the CS50, but with a Bluetooth range)
    - Seamless switching between multiple Bluetooth devices
    - Ultra comfortable, balanced lightweight design
    - Superior sound
    - Mute button
    - Volume control buttons
    - Status indicator light
    - Talk button
    - Noise canceling microphone
    - Simple to use with convenient one-touch controls
    - Smart multipoint technology know which device you are using - enabling user to take calls from either device
    - Folds for easy storage
    - Can be used on either ear
    - Headset automatically charges when in base
    - Up to 6 hour talk time
    - Up to 100 hour standby time
    - Bluetooth standard range 33ft. from base
    - Bluetooth 1.2
    - To connect to an office phone: plug in base unit power, connect telephone handset to base, connect line cord between telephone side jack and base unit
    - 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
    - Gray

    Package Contents:
    - Headset
    - Base unit
    - Line cord (for connection from phone to base unit)
    - Foam boom covers
    - AC adapter for base
    - AC adapter for direct headset charging
    - Manual

    Credit Card or Paypal

    $239.95 plus $12.95 S&H ($20 Off through March 1, 2014 Rebate)

    Plantronics S12 Telephone Headset System

    - Connects to a single or multi-line telephone
    - 2-in-1 headset converts from over-the-head to over-the-ear
    - Firefly in-use indicator lets others know you are on the phone (small light located in the microphone)
    - Noise cancelling microphone reduces background noise
    - Silver and gray
    - Not compatible with phones that feature the keypad in the handset or cordless phones
    - Requires a telephone with an RJ-11 jack (not a 2.5mm plug) (amplifier plugs into the handset jack on the phone)

    Package Contents:
    - Amplifier base
    - Wire headset stand
    - Convertible headset
    - AC adaptor
    - Manual

    Credit Card or Paypal

    $109.95 plus $12.95 S&H

                  Parrot Bluetooth Speaker for PC's, Mobile, PDA's

    Parrot Bluetooth Desk or Car Speakerphone
    $69.95 plus shipping See it here on Everything Bluetooth

    Plantronics CS50 900MHz

    Wireless Headset for Office Phone Systems & PBX

    -Handset lifter included
    - Convertible over-the-ear or over-the-head headset
    - 8 Hours of talk time
    - Up to 300ft. range
    - For use with typical office phones and PBX phones
    - Noise canceling microphone
    - Reversible headset fits either ear
    - Power, online, and charge indicators on base
    - Volume control and mute on headset
    - Call answer/end on handset
    - Online indicator on handset
    - Handset lifter answers calls remotely
    - Compatible with the NEC DSX telephone systems
    - Silver

    Package contents:

    - Headset
    - Base unit
    - Handset lifter (others quote a lower price but do not include the lifter :)
    - AC adapter/battery charger
    - Small, medium, and large earloops
    - Over-the-head headband
    - Manual

    Retail $349.95 Your Cost $219.95.00 USD plus $8.95 S&H (UPS 48 States)

    (Includes $20 Rebate until March 1 2014, refunded on purchase)

    Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset

    -Plantronics Bluetooth wireless over-the-ear headset
    - Up to 6 hour continuous talk time, 100 hour standby time
    - Noise-canceling microphone
    - One-touch mute and volume
    - Flexible (folds for easy storage, can be used on either ear)
    - Choice of 3 custom ear tips
    - Single button for call answer/end
    - Last number redial and voice-activated dialing (must be supported by your device or cellular provider)
    - 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
    - Bluetooth standard range 33ft.
    - Weight: 17 grams
    - Lithium Ion battery
    - Works with multiple Bluetooth devices
    - Gray


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