Welcome to the Future

"In The Future..."

Mankind will live at peace with himself and the planet which supports him.
All humans will practice Vegetarianism, learning from, not eating, their co-habitants.
Food consumption will rely on low impact delivery, grown under non-toxic, organic conditions.
Children will be raised without constraint or limitation & expression will be encouraged.
No form of genetic engineering will be tolerated, neither plant, animal nor human.
Weapons of Mass Destruction will be banned-chemical, biological and atomic.
Energy will be abundant, non-polluting, and free. Power will be redefined.
Education will be a birthright; Child and Forced Labor banned.
Hunger will be eradicated, the cycle of poverty broken.
Men and Women will share equal pay for equal work.
Freedom of Speech will be universal, Elective Democracy the rule.

All Religions will be ONE!

 Written by Douglas Pepper Lang
Vegetarianism and Humanism

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