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CT-2097Test USA Jammer specialized for Schools and Universities 28W. Blocking 12 bands Cell 3G 4G LTE WiMax UHF VHF Bluetooth WIFI 2.4Ghz 5Ghz and Long range phones. Coverage up to 40m

Starting today all subjects must be Read, Studied & Learned...No more cheating on Tests - unique professional Jammer specialized for Schools and Universities !

The current standard Mobile and WiFi Jammers in use at Schools and Universities are easily evaded & avoided via Bluetooth, UHF VHF Two-Way Radios, 5Ghz WIFI or by Long Range Phones (like Senao Alcon).

Now we have a unique, professional model specialized to totally block all methods & frequencies which students can find to cheat using Telecoms.  devices.

Frequencies Blocked

1   VHF 136-174MHz 3W
2   UHF 400-480Mhz 3W
3   850-965MHz  (850+900) :3W
4  1800-1990MHz  :2W
5  2100-2170MHz  :2W
6  4G LTE USA iPhone (AT&T & Verizon) 700-800MHz 3W
7  4G WiMAX USA Sprint 2500-2700MHz  2 W
8   Bluetooth WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz  2 W
9   WIFI 11a/n 5Ghz 5100-5500 MHz 1W
10 WIFI 11a/n 5Ghz 5500-5900MHz 1W
11 Senao Alcon Phones 250-270MHz 3W 
12 Senao Alcon Phones 375-395MHz  3W
Total Output Power  28W
12 bands, Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel, Max Output Power to 0 (OFF)

Each module & Band is independent - 12 bands model

Options:  Remote Alarm Control 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, GPS L2 L3 L4 L5,LoJack 173MHz, SAT Satellite Phones 1520-1670MHz etc
Power Supply: AC100-240V or 12V Car Charger (300mm Long)
Jamming Range & Radius 10~40 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas)

Dimension:330 x 238 x 60 mm, Weight 5.5kg
12 Omni Antennas 380mm Long
AC 110-240V or DC 12V Car Charger
Working time is without limit

1 Year Warranty, [Made in Hong Kong]

Your Cost $1,499.95 (USD) plus shipping worldwide (FOB Dubai)

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