(1-4 lines, 1-99 Extension Handsets, 1-30km with Outdoor Antenna)


www.longerrangeordlessphones.com   tm


Long-Range Intercom up to 4-Miles (Special Frequency)


Desk Set or Handy Portable



(Pay with any of 20 currencies through Credit Card or PayPal-no membership required)




We do have (2) sets ALCON CT-8 Base to Base 25 Watt (Taiwan) $1495 plus shipping & a few sets SENAO 258+ (Europe) $649.00 plus shipping



Durafon SIP


Long-Range RJ-11 POTS-PSTN (Meaning Wire-line or Cell Terminal Jack) AND

SIP Cordless Phone System combined (RJ-45 to your router)


Durafon SIP




World's First Dual-Mode CORDLESS & TWO-WAY RADIO Called "Durafon Pro-UHF" tm


NEW Commercial Durafon UHF (2-Way Radio) and Cordless $1395 (up to 90 Handsets) & Extra Handsets $449.00

Retail Stores, Hotels, Warehouses, Loading Docks, Restaurants....See the brochure here (pdf)


Durafon UHF-Cordless Dual Mode

System Pricing Retails $1795 Your Cost $1395. Extra Handsets Retails $695 Your Cost $450 [Quantity #2-5 $439  #3-5 $429  #6-10 $419 11-24 $399]

Accessories include: Carry Pouch, Outdoor Booster Antenna, Ear-Mike with PTT

Durafon Pro-UHF


Why pay per minute for Cellular?


Current Models for Summer 2019 .....See more [PAGE TWO]


System Options: Base to Handset, Multiple Handsets, PaBX,

Base-to-Base: Extend Dialtone signal for Fax, Phone, PaBX, Long-Range Intercom, Long-Range Cameras & Long-Range Internet




800MHZ & 900mhz & 258/358mhz with Privacy Scrambling


Shipping Worldwide to you or your client's door via EMS, Fedex, DHL from Warehouses in USA, Canada, Dubai, Singapore & Taiwan




Credit Card, PayPal (Use the 6-month Plan), eCheck, Money Order, Western Union US Postal Money Order, MoneyPak


Senao Cordless & WLAN


Models EP 801/801 Model SN-436 & SP 922 Multi-Line


GSM Cordless


GSM Cordless Phone


Base Speakerphone-insert Cell SIM.  Intercom up to 4-Handsets on same phone number. Call Transfer


Clarity Fortissimo Cordless


Specialty Cordless  for Disabilities & Physical Challenges (Amplified Hearing & Voice)  Read about it



Voyager "Intrinsically Safe"............[Mining & locations where "no sparks can fly", I.E. Construction Sites & Trailers ] FCC USA




Engenius Freestyl 1 ..........................$399.95    [Can do 500 ft to 1 mile, w/Outdoor Booster Antenna 2-5km & 60ft Cable $239.00] FCC for USA [Combo $599.95 plus UPS]


FCC Approved Longer-Range Cordless Phone (up to 1 line & 9 extensions)


Engenius Freestyl 2................................$379.95 [More than one Systems can be combined for Multi-Line use] Not as many features as Model 1




Engenius Booster Antenna.................$239.00 20m Cable (Discount when ordered with Phone System)



Engenius Tech 3db & 6db Cordless Phone Antenna





......$1295.00   [2 in-stock]   [25 -Watt Base to 25-Watt Remote Base should do 25-75 miles/120km]  READ ABOUT IT


Alcon 883-BH 25 Watt Base to 3 Watt Remote


5 Watt Base to 3 Watt Handset Cordless Phone System                          Alcon CT-25 (883 BH)




SN-258+ stock $649 plus $160 UPS (USA) CLICK HERE


Same as Engenius Freestyle $379-$399 (FCC Version)


SN-258 Senao Local Range Cordless Beats the Rest





Telemobile...........................................$895-$35,000.00     [Customized Wireless Local Loop 1-8 Lines, Analog or Digital, FCC Approved for USA]


Engenius Senao EP-801........................Contact Us                [Numerous frequencies/Country based. 1-4 Lines, up to 36 Handsets] Read the PDF

Engenius Senao EP-802..........................Contact Us                [Read the PDF]



AT&T 67138 ..........................................$399.95 or less    [Up to 4-Lines, VoIP, Cellular or Land/Wired] Antenna Repeaters FCC USA)  See Video




Senao 922 Multi-line.........................Retail $1995.00 SALE $1495.00+                [ALSO the SN-902. Read the Manual] Sells as # SR-436 for EU

[Can be 1 up to 4-Lines: Wired Landline, Mobile Bluetooth, VoIP Jack, Cell Terminal]                                                                                               

(Handsets $399.95) Ships from Singapore or Dubai-direct.  FCC Approved for USA.



All of these Cordless Phone Systems require & plug into a Telephone Jack, called a RJ-11, the plastic modular snap jack. While it used to be true you therefore needed a wired, Government landline-this is no longer the case.


Consider these other options-


Mobile Cell Terminall GSM Quad band 850/900/1800/1900mhz Eurotech, 2N, Jetsense, Axxesstel.  $149-$395.00 Single SIM


Mobile Cell Terminal CDMA 800 & 1900mhz $377 AxxessTel POT Swap $599


Bluetooth Interface Connects up to 3 Cellular Mobile Phones with Bluetooth and one Landline


Magic Jack (gives you a USA phone number)


GSM Speakerphone Desk Phone with Jack for Phone and Fax & Internet (Siemens or Jablocom)


Multiline Phone with Bluetooth to Land Link


Mobile Cell Terminal with VoIP Called GSM-to-VoIP allows calls through the Internet


Factory UNLOCKED Mobile SmartPhones


Long-Range Cordless Phones Page Two


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