Multi-Line Telephones:


Multiline Telephones for Home & Office:


One (1) Line, 2-Line (here),  4 Line, Corded/Cordless & Headset Ready with an Auto-Attendant Built-in?


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4-Line RCA Cordless               2-Line RCA Cordless


KX-TG9581 2-Line Desk Speakerphone with Voicemail, Intercom, Cordless Handset & Link 2 Cell Phone (Bluetooth built-in)

Retail $189 Your Cost $139 plus UPS




From 4 to 32 lines and 1-90 Handsets

$1395 System & $450 Handsets

Durafon UHF-Cordless Dual Mode

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AT&T VTech Cordless (DECT) Speakerphone


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"Cut the Connection" with your Wire Line (landline) Provider  (make Line 1 and/or Line 2 VoIP or Cellular)


Call Extend 2-Line


Call Extend 2-Line Attendant


 Combine your 2-Line Phone with a Bluetooth Interface, Magic Jack or Cellular (GSM & CDMA) Interface Terminal


Top Name Sellers List:


AT&T, Panasonic, ITT Cortelco, TMC, TeleMatrix, Uniden, Walker-Ameriphone-Clarity,

Scitec,  Stanley, RCA, NorthWestern Bell, Eurotech, 2N, Siemens, Sony, Aries, Toshiba, Mitel, Northern Telecom



VoIP by Eurotech


VoIP by Eurotech


"Voice over Internet Protocol" (VoIP): A means of sending your calls through the Internet. Cost range from free to nearly free terminating in another country through GSM Cellular circuits.  Cell Boxes are called "Fixed Cellular Wireless Terminals" (FCT or FWT) and range from 1-2-4-8-16-24-32 SIM, allowing the same number of calls at onetime. Just plug into the Internet Router (which usually has 4-plugs or "Ports). You need one-port per line, thus a 8-Line (SIM) box needs a 4-port Router. Eurotech has multiple options.



Thinking of a Multiline Long-Range Cordless Phone? 


Thinking of GSM or CDMA Multi-Line PaBX? Or What about VoIP?



VoIP: GSM Cellular & IP = "Convergence"

 Security Cameras & Phones under $150

    FANS Videophone





Featured Special. Panasonic 2-Line with Caller ID Model KX-TS208


Panasonic 2-Line Speakerphone (Up to 8 Extensions)

- Panasonic 2-line corded telephone
- 1-Line LCD display with clock
- Headset jack
- Line status indication
- Data port
- Dial lock (incoming calls can be answered, no outgoing calls can be made)
- Ringer volume control (off/low/high)
- Programmable tone/pulse settings
- Wall mountable
- Speakerphone
- Programmable call restriction
- 10# Speed dial buttons
- 20# One-touch dialing
- 3-Way conferencing
- Electronic volume controls for speakerphone and handset
- Mute/flash/redial/pause/hold
- White
- Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

$69.95 & $8.95 UPS Ground (48 USA)

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2-Line Speakerphone
In Stock!
2-Line Speakerphone w/ Ca
2-Line Speakerphone w/ Caller
In Stock!
Two-line phone with 10# memory
2 Line Speakerphone BLACK
In Stock!
2-Line Speakerphone with CID
219544-VOE-27S Patriot 2-Line ASH
Low Stock!
222000-TP2-27E Colleague 2-Line EN BK
In Stock!
222021-TP2-27E Colleague 2-Line EN FT
In Stock!
322041-TP2-27E Medallion 2-Line CHARCOAL
In Stock!
Cortelco 2 Line Phone
2-Line Feature Phone w/LCD WHI
In Stock!
2 Line Speaker w/ Intercom BLA
In Stock!
2 Line Speaker w/ Intercom WHI
In Stock!
2 Line Speakerphone W/ CID
In Stock!
2 Line Speakerphone W/ CID
2 Line Speakerphone W/ CID
2-Line Speakerphone
In Stock!
RCA 2-Line Speakerphone w/ CID
In Stock!
2 line Corded with Caller ID, Speaker
In Stock!
 $59.95 plus $5.95 USPS 
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2-Line Speakerphone w/ Caller
In Stock!
2-LINE Speakerphone w/ Answeri
In Stock!
2 Line Corded/Cordless
In Stock!
DECT6.0 Accessory Handset
In Stock!
2-Line Multi-Function Phone
2 Line Speakerphone
In Stock!

Fans Telecom Super 2-Line Speaker Phone

2-Line business telephone w/ GIANT LCD

- Caller ID, Call-Waiting caller ID (both lines)
- 99# name/number caller ID log
- Voicemail waiting indication for line 1 and line 2
- Mute/hold/redial/flash/pause
- New call indicator/new call counter
- High quality speakerphone
- 2.5mm headset jack
- Headset LED indicator 
- Data port
- Redial memory of up to 32 digits 
- 99# names/numbers directory 
- Search for number in directory by simply entering name
- Dial from Caller ID log or directory 
- 2 programmable one-touch memory buttons
- "Messages" button to access voice mailbox
- Clear Message Light button
- One touch call forwarding (don't need to wait for the end of dialing sequence for call forwarding before leaving office)
- Edit telephone number before dialing 
- LED light to indicate line status
- Speakerphone and mute LED indicator
- Basic telephone functions still maintained without power supply
- Memory retention without power
- Adjustable ringer, speaker, and receiver volume 
- Giant backlit LCD with adjustable viewing angle 
- Adjustable high contrast LCD display 
- 3-Line ultra large font display 
- Viewing area: 7.4 square inches 
- Displays real time clock and date when idle 
- Wall mountable
- Power Supply: AC adapter (included)
- Size: 9.27 x 7.18 (inches)
- Black

Retail $149.95 Your Cost $99.95 plus $9.95 UPS Ground


NWB 26510

Your Cost $34.95 + UPS

2-Line Corded Telephone with LCD Display

- 13# Memory
(3 one-touch, 10 two-touch)
- Ringer on/off switch
- Tone/pulse dialing
- Last number redial
- Speakerphone
- Flash/hold
- Volume for speakerphone and receiver
- Time set/view button
- Wall mountable
- Hearing aid compatible
- 6 AAA batteries (not included)
- White


3 & 4-Line Phones   Telephone Systems (Control Box or PBX)  Bluetooth Cell Interface?  


Call Manager   Call Diverter  Longer Range Cordless  Audio-Conference Speakerphones



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