Welcome to MY SMART-WATCH PHONE: Home to the world's smallest all-in-one GSM Android 4.4.2 3G/LTE (Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi) Hotspot 5mp Camera & Video. WhatsApp & Skype

Finally, Dick Tracey's tm Watch Phone meets Star Trek's "Communicator" tm

HUGE (ask Donald) Price Drop [Retail was $349, NOW $249, and Introductory SALE priced $149.95 plus shipping]

InWatch Z GUI

Running Android 4.4.2 with Complete Voice Controls from "Call Empire Pizza" to "Send a Text, Hi Joe I am running 15 minutes behind" to "Send an Email" to "Make an Appointment" and a myriad of commands. from "Weather NYC" to "Play Dylan 'It Ain't me Babe'" to "Find Discount Tickets.."

That's Gmail, Twitter, Google Play, Drive, Periscope, WhatsApp, Skype, Phone, Contact Sync, Fast Snapshot Camera or Video, YouTube, Pandora, Tune-In, SnapChat, Instagram #...

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inWatch-Z Smart-Watch Mobile Phone Android GSM


(Requires a GSM SIM Card working on 600 systems worldwide) We can provide a USA T-Mobile SIM and others $20 up

Smart Phone Watch side view


WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM Mobile, GPS, Health Tracking, Wristband Loud Speaker, Video Conference.....

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Older Model with Conduction Speaker in Wristband, Now newer improved Mic & Oscillating Speaker technology.








GUI Front Program list          InWatch-Z Front Phone GUI     InWatch-Z Charging on Power Bank

Front Programs List View              Front Dial Pad View         2600mAh Recharger

Hydrophobic Nano-Coating – Done by the best in the industry, Z can take a splash and go on with its day. Don’t swim with it but don’t stress the occasional rainstorm either

Powered by 580mAh fast-recharge (45m) Lithium-Ion Battery
, Most powerful in a Smart-Watch. ...Can't say 'Smart-Watch-Phone', because ours is the only one.

Memory On-Board 1Gb and Storage 4Gb

Frequencies: GSM 850/900/1800/1900mhz 3G WCDMA 2100MHz

Graphics JPG & GIF, eBook, Pdf, Txt

InWatch-ZInWatch-ZComing Soon, InWatch-Z in White


Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Czech, German, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Italian, Magyar, 

Dutch, Portuguese (Brasil), Portuguese (Portugal), Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Korean


Retail Priced $249.95,

Special Introductory Sale Price $149.95 USD plus UPS (Shipping Worldwide from New York City)

Special Offers for Accessories-

Stylus Touch Pen $4.95 to $9.95 &

1100mAh Power Bank (Backup-Recharger) $14.95 =2-recharges, or 2650mAh $19.95 = 4.5 recharges &

Bluetooth Headset $29.95 up

Single Unit or Bundled Deal
Wristband Colors

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