Notebook, Laptop, All-in-One PC

FOB NYC [Sealed Factory Carton] April-2019 Single-unit price

i5 MS Surface Pro   Microsoft iPad   i5 Pad Microsoft 

100pcs  FJT-00001 Microsoft Surface Pro i5,128GB  4GB RAM  $799 or LESS

20pcs FJY-00001 Microsoft Surface Pro  I5 256GB 8GB RAM  $1225 or LESS

15PCS DAG-0001 Microsoft Laptop i5 256GB 8GB RAM $1125 or LESS


60pcs   HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 15-BR095ms 2 in 1 PC  $599 or LESS

DEALERS, Your offer is welcome

High Tech Departments
Solution Graphics
Surveillance & Countermeasure:
Cameras (CCTV), "Remote Look-in", Recorders, Detectors, Encryption &

Scrambler, Metal & Bomb Detector, Night Vision, Intrusion Detection

Shoplifting &  Theft Prevention, Wireless & Wired Alarm, Sensors, Driveway Alarm,

Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

Telecommunication: Factory Unlocked Mobile Cell Phones
Office Telephones & PBX Systems , Payphone, Intercom, Caller-ID, 
Cordless, 2-Way Radios, Building Entry, Elevator, Cellular & Sat Phone (End User),

Long-Range Cordless, Auto-Attendant & Voicemail, Mobile Dealers

Disability & Assistive Devices:
Emergency Medical Phone, TDD,  Voice-Dialing Phone, Clarity-Walker Specialty Phones

Alerts (phone, door, fire).....

Name-Brand & Custom-Made, Laptops & Notebooks, Netbook & PDA, 
Printers & Scanners Software, Peripherals &  Interfaces, Touch Screen
Business System Workstations:
Desktop Publishing & Web Mastering, Kiosks, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD),

Point-Of-Sale (POS)......

Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Wind Turbines

Retail Store Equipment:
Credit Card Reader & Printer, Bar-coding & Point-of-Sale (POS), Mirrors,

Cash Registers....Click Here for .Shoplifting OR Cameras (cctv)

Office Equipment:
Time Clocks , Shredders, Calculators & Organizers, Copiers, Collator & Burster,

Check Writers & Signers

Global Services Group:
800& 900 numbers, Long-Distance Discount Calling, Merchant Service, Telephone

Install & Repair, Consulting, Internet Translation

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