Omikron offers the Solution for Expensive Cell-to-Cell and Wireline-to-Cell Call Routing from Your PBX

The Omikron GSM gateway (FCT) is a solution for medium-size companies that widely use analog PSTN lines. In contrast to other Ateus Analog GSM routers, Omikron is a scalable solution for up to 8 transit analog lines. The Omikron multichannel transit gateway brings a substantial cost-saving effect to calls established from a fixed line to GSM networks and vice versa (from a GSM network to fixed lines), and enables up to 8 simultaneous calls to/from GSM networks.

Thanks to the advanced and powerful Least Cost Router, the Omikron gateway chooses flexibly the cheapest possible route for your calls, taking into consideration the call time, available providers and free minutes. Another benefit rendered by Omikron is a 100% control of your GSM calls without any need to change the PBX configuration. This multichannel transit GSM gateway allows you to send and receive SMS, which is another communication tool making this product able to satisfy your clients. The Omikron Gateway is also available in a rack version.

NEW FEATURE: With our latest version of ATEUS SMS Server Software you will gain the advantage of SMS delivery reports. Since now, you may have a full review of your messages, wheather they were delivered and exactly when.


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New Omikron in a rack version


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