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  • 300ft transmission range, line of sight
  • Two way Intercom 2.25" LCD Color Monitor
  • Live browsing feature when door / camera unit is hardwired
  • System can store up to 163 images
  • Camera unit instantly captures image when doorbell button is pressed 
  • Day/Night Operation
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charging cradle included 


iVision: Wireless Two-Way Intercom System with Video 

Security should be more than just protection;
it should be peace of mind as well. The new iVision achieves both by giving you the ability to not only know when somebody is outside your home, but to view and talk to them from the safety and comfort of any location in the house. The iVision package includes a convenient hand-held wireless receiver with 2.25" LCD monitor and battery operated doorbell/camera unit with over 300ft. transmission range. In addition, the doorbell/camera unit can be hardwired into existing doorbell power supply to allow the user to utilize a "browse" feature on the handheld unit. This feature allows the user to monitor the view from the doorbell/camera unit on the LCD display.



dimension iVision

Documentation from Optex


Field Application Outdoor & Indoor
Operating Temperature -4°F to 122°F
Storage Temperature  -4°F to 158°F
Operating Humidity (max) max 90% RH
Mounting Height 4.9ft typical
Product Dimension 5.23in.(H) x 3.85in.(W) x 1.58in(D)
Power Input

1.) Battery powered, 6x AA size Lithium battery. Battery life time :12 months for 1 event per day with 10 seconds talking duration per event. 2.) External power: AC 8~16V

Low Battery Indication Battery Low Indication below 3.9V to 3.6V
Standby Current < 80uA at full battery capacity, @ 77°F
Max Talk Current (Day) <  270mA at full battery capacity @ Rx  75dB, 77°F
Max Talk Current (Night) <  340mA at full battery capacity @ Rx  75dB, 77°F
Max DingDong Sound Current (Day) < 320mA at full battery capacity, @ 77°F
Max DingDong Sound Current (Night) < 380mA at full battery capacity, @ 77°F
Communication 2.4GHz Digital 1 way video and 2 way audio
Effective Communication Range 300ft. Min. line of sight
Pairing Via hidden button to make the pairing
Video Ability
IP Rating IPX4
Image Sensor CMOS, Color VGA resolution (640x480)
Image Format 1/4"
Field of View 68 Degree
SIde View 46 Degree
Top View 59 Degree
Focal Length 3.6mm 
TV Distortion  < .65%
F. No F 2.8 
Pan /  Tilt  Pan: ~15 deg L/R
Tilt up: ~15 deg Up
Image Color at Night B/W 
Light Source IR LED X 2  pcs parallel 
Target Distance 6.6ft 
Night Level Lux 5~15 Lux 
Answering Call Duration 10 seconds live video then operating at sniffing for conserving the battery energy 
Effective Detection Range Indication tone 75dB @ 1.64ft 
Low Battery Power  Alert send to LCD unit, low battery icon display at screen, empty red icon blinking indication
Local Low Battery Indication  Push button LED in slow blinking continuously for more than 3 days
Push the Talk Button Ding Dong sound plus the LED On for 1 second 
 Field Application Indoor 
 Operation Temperature 32°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature  -4°F to 158°F 
Operating Humidity ( max. ) max 90% RH  
Product Dimension 6.14ft ( H ) X 2.72ft ( W ) X 1.10ft ( D ) 
Adaptor power input  AC100-240V, 50/60Hz , 6V/1A  L Shape, FCC mark, Length = 6ft, Color = White
Battery Low Indication Battery Low Indication below 3.8V to 3.5V 
Batterylife time  1) Standby: more than 72 Hrs
Standby current < 6mA at full battery capacity @ 77°F 
Max Talk current (77°C)  < 260mA at full battery capacity @ 77°F
Max DingDong sound current (77°C)  < 300mA at full battery capacity @ 77°F
Display Screen 2.36" TFT LCD  
LCD Orientation Landscape 
Video Ability Max. QVGA 15 frames/ sec. 
Calendar Display "2009-01-01  12:00 AM/PM" 
Type  Rechargeable battery
Size AAA size Ni-MH X 3 (wraped) 
Nominal Capacity 750mAH 
Nominal Voltage 3.6V 
Charging Duration  6hrs
Low Battery Indication of LCD Unit Red blankLow batteryiconblinks on screen 
Charging Indications Battery icon ( full ) blinking and charging LED On in charging, stay at full icon with charging LED off when fully charged 
Capacity Indication Icon Blank, 30%, 60% and Full  total 4 indications 
Specification  Same as Door/Camera door unit
Output Volume 75 dB/1.64ft. 

Ring Tone Volume Adjustment

Press the Up or Down button to adjust the volume level while in standby, total 4 levels 
Chime Sound Ding dong  sound 
Key Tone A low level volume Bi tone as indication when access of the keys 
"Answer" Accept the incoming call and Live browsing with talk 
"Off"  End the call or end the activities of Snapshot review, No. of snaps selection, calendar setting
"Decrease / Down"
"Increase / Up" 1) Increase the voice volume while talking
2) Increase the ring tone volume in standby
3) Increase the number of shapshot setting
4) Advance the calendar
5) Scroll up the recorded snaps
"Snap"  Push to take a snap while in talkingor Touch and stay for 3 seconds while in standby to enter the No Of Snaps adjustment
"Browse"  Push once while in standby to browse the camera, the time out duration is 60 seconds (Only for AC power)
Recorded Image Indication With new image(s) is recorded the indication LED for Playback On 0.3s per 1.2S , to press the Playback key less than 2s to cancel the indication 
 Delete Stored Images To press the "Off" button then the "Snap" for 5 seconds to delete the stored images, Bi tone X 5 and "No Images" on screen as indication 
 Power Input DC 6V (from  AC adaptor 100~240VAC) 
Power Output DC 6V
Contact for Charging Cradle Via 2 spring type contacts, adaptor should have short circuit protection to prevent abnormal short circuit
Field Application Wall mount and table free standing
Dimensions 5.53in (H) X 3.7in (W) X 4.4in (D)
RF Approbation FCC
RoHS Yes

Retails $269.95 to $299.95 Your Cost $249.95 plus shipping in 48 USA (Card or Paypal) Deduct 3% for Cash, US Postal Money Order  Western Union

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