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Long-Range Wireless Perimeter Security Photo-Electric, PoE, SIP Security Sensor Beams

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New Range Extender:

EN5040-T Inovonics High Power Repeater with Transformer .......$394.95

Extends range of Remote Sensors (rated 300-500 feet from Base-Controller)

HX-40-RAM Outdoor Beam 40' x 50' (Swimming Pool Solution) .......$329.50  

Plus Indoor/Inside Base Controller-Receiver $325 (shown below) 16 Zone (32 Available)

Read the Inovonics Manual (pdf) 2.3mb

Please Note: Although prices quoted are near Wholesale, Export, Corporate or Volume...Since the system can handle either (up to) 16 or 32 Sensors, we can quote a package deal with multiple discounts. The quote comes from the PayPal Secure Server (Backed by Chase Bank NA), but you can still use a Check, Credit Card, Western Union or U.S. Postal Money Order.

Inovonics sample install                            Inovonics sample 2                   Optex Laser

 - 16 Zone Add-On Receiver with (6) Relay Outputs
used for a Horn, Siren, Strobe, Voice Dialer, Text Message. It has a Indoor Chime
and multi condition support.

For OUTBOUND Alert by Phone, this requires either A). "Wire Line, Landline" or
B). TelGuard TR1 Cellular Mobile (SIM-based) Dial-Tone Terminal $249-$289
or, C). TG4 Text SMS Cell Alert Terminal
$269-$319 [32-Zone Unit Available]

350 QFRi Optex - 350ft. Outdoors / 700ft. Indoors, iSeries
Battery-Powered Wireless 4-Channel
Quad Photoelectric Detector.
Batteries and Inovonics EN1941 Transmitter included. 

200-TFRi Optex - 200' Wireless Outdoor Photo Beam with Inovonics 

BX80-NRi Optex - 5' X 80' Wireless (Barrier Outdoor PIR (40' each side of detector)
Complete with Inovonics transmitter and batteries  HX80-NRi 3' x 80' $289.95

AX-100 TFRi Optex 100 ft Beam   100ft. Outdoors / 200ft. Indoors, iSeries                                      $574.00

Battery-Powered, 4-Channel Photoelectric Detector.Batteries and Inovonics EN1941 Transmitter included

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Total with Shipping & Insurance (USA 48) UPS Ground $19.95 (Factory Special-Order Fee $50, may apply)

Optex Inovonics

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