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Now use you Cellular Mobile Phone with your regular Home or Office Phones via $85 Bluetooth Interface!

AND now Introducing the PHONECELLSX (works with a Fax Machine*)


GSM & CDMA Fixed Wireless Cellular Terminals

GSM Cellular Wireless Terminals for Voice,  Voice & Data or Voice & Fax (NEW lower pricing)

CDMA for Sprint (Voice) or CDMA for Verizon 4-Port Router with WiFi

Rear View of Fixed Cellular Terminal

Antenna, RJ-45, USB, USB, Phone/Fax*, Phone, Power, Power, Antenna


We also have a nice unit called Easygate, ships from Texas, made in Europe $299 Voice (ATT or TMobile) & $399 Voice & Fax (TMobile)


Some units send SMS/Text or can support a FAX MACHINE, see them here

If all you want is to use the phones around the house with your Cell Line, we have it, $85, Bluetooth-based (does your Cell phone have Bluetooth?)

We even have a Panasonic Cordless that also allows you to use your Cell Phone Contact List and Headset.

For a Terminal with Fax, use Easygate or PhonecellSX or GRETA tm ALL GSM & ALL T-Mobile (in the USA)

CDMA High Speed Data Terminal with Voice

Ideal Applications

Replaced by Ericsson W 35 Read about it

W 35 Connections

Combine any of these terminals at $499.95 w/Fax Function (Verizon/Alltel & T-Mobile) with the little Panasonic Plain-Paper Mini-Fax at $89.95 (see it here) for a low-priced solution

 (Terminal,12v Power Adapter, Plain-Paper Fax, 12v to 110v Power) $699.95 Same package & Fax with V-Mail $729.95 or $799.95 with Laser Plain-Paper & Broadcasting (plus UPS Ground) Read here

Panasonic Plain Paper Fax (110/220v) #215 with Vmail & #205 without Vmail

SX5 for ATT-Cingular GSM (Voice) $499.95 

SX5e for GSM T-Mobile (Voice Fax GPRS Data) $499.95

The Phone Cell ....A revolution in business freedom. Instant office for Vans, Trucks, Construction Site Trailers, Hazmat Vehicles, Fire Trucks, Police Vehicles, Surveyors, Landscapers, Boats and Yachts, Vacation Homes, Security Guard Booths, Mobile Homes, Kiosks, Street Vendors, Private Planes and anywhere else a wired line takes too long, costs too much or is unavailable...

Cellular Dialtone is here! Let the mobile office revolution begin.

Remote Dialtone.... 3G Data (3.5-7mbps), GPRS 14.4 2.5G (85-144kbps)...Voice Over Internet (VoIP)...Least Cost Routing (LCR), PC Fax, Stand-Alone Fax, Credit Card Terminals, Remote Sensing, Remote Telemetry, Cellular Streaming Video

GSM (General System for Mobiles)


GSM SX5e 900/1800 mhz (Outside the USA & Canada)

$595.00 GPRS Data Only On Sale $549.95 plus EMS $49.95 (7-10 days worldwide)

  • $695.00 Voice & G3 Fax On Sale $599.95 plus EMS $49.95 (7-10 days worldwide)

    GSM SX5e 850/1900hz (In the USA Voice works on T-Mobile & Cingular/ ATT, In Canada-3 Operators, Central & South America )

  • $499.95 Voice/ Fax / Slow Data  (Fax works with T-Mobile only in USA, providers in Canada & most countries with CSD
    Insert your SIM card and.... start making calls, sending faxes (Analog with CSD or PC), or surfing the web, IM & checking Email.


    Back-Up Battery $89.95 USD 12v Lighter Plug (for Terminal) & 100 Watt 110v to 12v Inverter (for Fax) $89.95 Package

    Antenna Booster 40db $329.00 USD Click Here

     Other options from: Israel, South Africa, India, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, India, Finland and Sweden Click Here

    CDMA (Netgear) Verizon activated 3G/4G Router & WiFi Modem.


    Add a power source and a Coffee Shop, Public Park, Gathering, or Campground has 4G WiFi.



      CDMA SX7 1900mhz Desktop Phone (Alltel & Sprint)       

     GSM & CDMA Desktop Speakerphones from many countries $195-295.00 Click Here

     More options for extracting "dialtone" from cellular technology? (click here)


    (Shipping from the manufacturer to your door worldwide)

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    Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

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