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Supports All Major Cellular Standards: 

 Your Solution to Multi-Camera requirements in Security  & Monitoring Environments

Announcing The All New

Proxicast (r)

High Performance Mobile
3G/4G Router

4-CAMERA==>MONITOR===>DVR===PROXICAST Server/Router===>Cellular Network====>Android or iPhone or Web Browser

$799.95 Retail (msrp) List Your Cost $649.95  plus UPS Ground (GSM or CDMA Modem not included)

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[So you only need one Camera, simple Plug n' Play?]

GSM CCTV CAMERA (Only) called "CELL-EYE REMOTE" tm $599 GSM/GPRS or $699 GSM/3G

Proxicast's all new LAN-Cell 3 Mobile 3G/4G Router offers fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective remote wireless Internet access on any 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) wireless data network worldwide.

The LAN-Cell 3 is a commercial-grade mobile 3G/4G cellular router with enterprise-class routing and security features that allows multiple PC's, laptops, webcams, controllers, PLCs, and other Ethernet-based devices to simultaneously share a single cellular data account for primary or backup connectivity.

Popular remote, mobile and broadband wireless communication applications for the LAN-Cell 3 3G/4G Router include:

  • Industrial Automation & Control
  • Telemetry, SCADA, Machine-to-Machine
  • Temporary Locations & Remote VPN
  • Video Surveillance & Traffic Applications
  • ATM, POS & Credit Card Processing
  • In-vehicle, Car, Truck, Bus, Boat, Transit & Train
  • Mobile Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Security & Video Surveillance
  • Digital Signs & Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Land-line Backup & Disaster Recovery

LAN-Cell 3: Everything you need – in one unit:
Open Upgradable Architecture - High Speed 3G/4G USB Modem Slot and External Antenna Ports
Enterprise-Class 3G/4G Router with Full VPN Client + Server. 25 Simultaneous Tunnels. Compatible with Cisco, Juniper, SonicWall, and other VPN Systems / Software
High Speed WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) 2x2 MIMO System - Max Data Rate 300Mbps. WiFi Available on the LAN and as a WAN Client Simultaneously

(4) Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN Switch + (1) Ethernet WAN Port

Automatic Fail-Over Between 3G/4G Cellular & Ethernet WAN
Advanced Firewall, Quality-of-Service (QOS) & Security Functions
Patented USB Modem-LOCK Secures USB Modem In-Place

Easy Management with Web Interface & SMNP Management

Rugged Industrial Design with Metal Chassis

The Original Cellular Mobile Router
In 2003, Proxicast began shipping the LAN-Cell Mobile Gateway - the industry's first rugged multi-port cellular router with full VPN. Since then, thousands ofLAN-Cells have been carrying out mission-critical applications around the world in some of the harshest environments.

The Newest Fastest 4G LTE Mobile Router
The all new Proxicast LAN-Cell 3 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) router is the fastest and most advanced router we offer. It supports the new 4G standards and high speed modems. The LAN-Cell 3 is a rugged cellular router suitable for mission critical applications such as M2M, SCADA, telemetry, ATM, video surveillance and more...

Proxicast Knows 3G/4G Cellular Networking and Your Application

Typical LAN-Cell 3G/4G Router Network Configuraton 
Click image for closeup view  Click image to enlarge 

Unlike "consumer-grade" wireless 3G/4G routers and stand-alone cellular modems, Proxicast 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) routers are specifically designed to work with RTUs, PLCs, data loggers, video & web cams, controllers, industrial computers, and digital signage, as well as PCs and laptops. The LAN-Cell is also a greatsatellite data link alternative or backup for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or VSAT satellite modem sites.

Proxicast 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) routers are in use on most of the world's major mobile wireless 3G/4G cellular networks enabling a diversity of applications from monitoring weather stations to processing ATM & credit card transactions. Proxicast can help you cost effectively integrate 3G/4G cellular data communications into your existing or planned applications.

Proxicast Products Are Available Worldwide
No matter how you say "cellular router", Proxicast can help you to leverage wireless cellular data communications for your application. Our products support most 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular data standards (including LTE and HSPA+) and can be used on almost any cellular operator's network around the globe.

Worldwide List of Cellular/Wireless Network Operators / 3G Routers & ModemsCellular Router  Zellularer Fräser • Routeur Cellulaire • Draadloze Router • 3G Router • Router Cellulare • 4G Router • HSPA+ Router • Mobiele Router • 3G Modem • Cellulaire Router • Mobiler Fräser •LTE Router • Wireless Router • Cell Router • Router Senza Fili • Routeur 3G • Mobile Router • Router Móvel • 3G Router • 4G Modem • Routeur Mobile • Modem 3G • LTE Modem • Drahtloser Fräser • Mobile IP • HSPA+ Modem • Router Mobile • Fräser 3G • Routeur Sans Fil

Wireless Cellular Standards  GSM • LTE • HSPA+ • HSPA • HSUPA • HSDPA • GPRS • EDGE • UMTS • CDMA • CDMA2000 • 1x • 1xRTT • EV-DO (EVDO) Rev 0 • EV-DO (EVDO) Rev A • WiFi • 802.11 a / b / g / n / mimo

Cellular Carriers  Verizon Wireless • Orange • Sprint PCS • Telus • Alltel • AT&T • Vodaphone • Cingular • T-Mobile • Telstra • Bell Mobility • O2 • Rogers • Movistar • ICE • Telcel • Hutchison • Digicel • Mobile 8 and more

Mobile Applications:
Sales & Service Fleets
Commercial Transportation & Trains
Mobile Router For Cars, Buses & Trucks
Delivery & Courier Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Boats & Marine Vessels
Mobile WiFi Hotspots 

Low Altitude Aircraft & Aviation 
Police, Fire & Emergency Vehicles
Mobile Security & Surveillance
Public Transit & In-vehicle Hot-Spot
Military & Defense Applications

Stationary Applications:
Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, SCADA, AMR
Remote Control of PLCs and Industrial Controls 
Cash Registers & Credit Card Processing 
Video Surveillance, Webcams & Security 
Construction Site Monitoring & Solar Power 
Tradeshow Internet Access
Temporary Off-Site Work Teams (e.g. auditors, engineers)
Vending, Point-of-Sale (POS) & ATM Machines
Backup For Wired Internet and Alarm Connections 
Traffic Monitoring & Control
Digital Signage, Electronic Billboards & Signs
Homeland Security & Disaster Recovery

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