Perimeter Protection via Fence Cabling Sensors from
High Technology International

[Both Microphonic, Direct-Coax Cable or Vibration-based]

NEW- Seismic Detection coming soon, both .... Buried Cable & Ground Motion Sensors (from Israel)
RAZR-FLEX Fence Perimeter Protection [Microphonic]

SUMMER SALE 2017 ...Take another 10% off prices listed below..Thru June 30th

[Proudly  "Made-in-the-USA"]

Protecting Building Perimeter Fencing from Abuja Nigeria to Points far beyond

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Fence Sensor-Analyzer  Control Unit                                                                     Main Program, PC Controller & Alarm Box Interface
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NEW PRICES for 2017 (Lower!)
Complete 500' perimeter kit Retail $1,995.0 Sale $1,695.00 Your Cost $1,495 with UPS Ground
RZ- RSF-500, in NEMA 4 box plus $199
Complete 1000' perimeter kit Price Retail $2,995.00 Sale $2,495.00 Your Cost $2,195.00 with UPS Ground
RZ- RSF-1000, in NEMA 4 box plus $299
Dual Zone 1000' kit
RZ-SF1000DZ, in NEMA 4 box
Complete 2000' perimeter kit Price Retail $3,495.00 Sale $2,995.00 Your Cost $2,695.00 with UPS Ground
RZ-RSF2000, in NEMA 4 box plus $399
RZ-RAN-2000 in NEMA 4 box
RZ-RAN-1000 in NEMA 4 box
Dual zone analyzer PCB assembly $899
Single zone analyzer PCB only $599
1000 ft. of sensitive cable $1199
500 ft. of sensitive cable $799
Non-sensitive cable, 100 ft. reel
"End-of-Line" Termination Kit
Junction Box
Bypass Switch for Slide & Swing Gates etc.
Bag-1000 UV Stable Cable Ties
Complete Parts List-System Kit
Installation & Repair Available Worldwide [Dealers/Agents Needed]

Fence Mounted Systems - Sensor Cable


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Optex Inovonics Wireless                                        Optex Inovonics Diagram

Optex Wireless Sensor Beams

Security Cameras (Including IP, Nightvision, GSM Cellular)

Jablotron GSM Quad Camera & Alarm System

Long-Range Cordless to cover 10-40 acres?

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