Long-Range Laser Beam Sensors for Perimeter Security Alarm or Cameras


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Major Price Break  $2,495.00 for one unit, (RLS-3060-L) Liquidation by our Agent (Brussels)


Until these 4 units are gone (sealed) SOLD 5 (of 9)


(2) at $2250 ea = $4,500.00 USD all included

(3) at  $1995.00 ea. = $5,985.00 USD all included

(4) $1795.00 ea. = $7,180.00 USD all included


So as they say..."While supplies last" These 4 are a special purchase we arranged.(We can Invoice for 1+units by email. Pay with Card or PayPal)


RLS3060L | 30m /190° Laserscanner ohne Heizung (-20 °C)


Note: This model "L" is the International (EU) unit, lacks 2 Algorithms for beam pattern and no control knobs, but for a $2,000 savings (against "Retail"), and $700 lower than 3060 or 3060SH, these features are not an issue, as we see it.


Also, the "SH" (3060SH) USA version can not be exported to many areas and regions for security concerns.


Payment via: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, Thomas Cook, US Postal MoneyOrder. We will email the Invoice (Pro-Forma, Factura) so you can "Click & Pay". BUYNOW button here allows either USD, Euro or Sterling (UK), We can invoice to many other currencies, as PayPal allows, from CAN$ to Swiss Franc CH.


US Dollar $ 2,495.00 USD with Shipping (USA, Canada, EU)


European Union  2,250.00 Euro Currency (10% more than USD) Shipping included



{Please Note-Export Controls Apply; these may well be delivered from your local in-country Optex Agent}




MODELS BELOW: RLS-2020i & RLS-3060, 3060LH & 3060SH



Optex America ...CHECK THIS OUT.... an actual Laser with a sweep pattern shoots out up to 100 feet and runs a 190 degree circumference.


Watch the VIDEO. Read the PDF



  1. The RLS-3060 is a laser scan 100’ x 190° detector from Optex with an ability to detect the size, distance and speed of an object from the detector and organize the information accordingly.


  3. The RLS-3060 laser scan detector comes with a unique detection algorithm, a vertical/horizontal mounting option, a Form C alarm output, plus a function for automatic area setting, and an easy installation.


  5. The RLS-3060 detector also features independent N.O. outputs, a PTZ camera control independent adjustable detection, an environmental disqualification circuit, as well as an anti masking function, and an anti rotation function. This high quality laser scan detector is ideal for outdoor areas reducing installation costs and offering a detection area of a 100’ radius and a 190 degrees arc which is able to cover a good sized detection area.


    Vertical and horizontal mounting (Optional units $350-$450 USD)

    Unique detection algorithm

    Four independently adjustable detection areas for PTZ camera control

    Four independent N.O. outputs

    Form C master alarm output

    Easy installation

    Automatic area setting function

    Environmental disqualification circuit

    Anti-rotation function

    Anti-masking function

    Fog cancelation algorithm (Patent pending)

    Trouble output

    Tamper output

Detection method- Infrared Laser Scan



Vertical Coverage area Approx. 200 ft. (60 m) at 10% reflectivity
Horizontal Coverage area Radius Approx. 100 ft. (30m), Arc: 190* at 10% reflectivity
Current draw400Mah max. [24VDC] 60CmA max. (24VAC)
Vertical Mounting height50ft. (15m) max
Horizontal Mounting height28 in. (0.7m) (recommended)
Camera control output N.O 28 VDC, 0.2 A x 4 outputs
Master alarm output from C, 28 VDC, 0.2 A max.
Trouble output from C, 28 VDC, 0.2 A max.
Tamper Output N.C. 28 VDC, 0.2 A max.
Alarm period Approx. 2 sec, Off timer
Operating temperature 4 to + 140"F (20 lo 60C)
IP ratingIP65
Dimensions (Hx W x D13.2x5.7x6.1 h.(334x 144 x 155 mm)
Weight 141 oz. (4kg)



Optex Redscan Laser Motion Sensor Activated Video Cameras


MSRP $3,495-$5,995.00    Your Costs plus Installation, plus fees


 [RLS-3060 $2,950++ RLS-3060LH $3,395++ RLS-3060SH $3,750++}


(Special Packaging, Paperwork, Insurance & Shipping $49.95 USA)  plus California Sales Tax (unless Export)


Redscan RLS Models
Export Restrictions Apply


OPTEX Redscan Laser Motion Detector Sensor
(Released March 2016) RLS-2020i Beam spread 60 x 60


Retails $1,995, Your Cost $1,195-$1,395.00 USD +/-

Send an eMail a Brochure (pdf) or Quote Request (Pay in 20 Currencies, Ships from the Factory, USA)



Installers available for deployment worldwide- based in USA, UK, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and more



For Professional Security  (ASIS) Directors, the government requirement for Top-Level Facility Protection. is not fiction, but a real-time requirement.

See our Fortress Facility website. Read an article from USA Today from 2012




Long-Range Laser Beams for Point-to-Point 50m to 1000m


FETN Lasers

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