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NEW STOCK for Winter-Spring 2019


Senao SN-258+ and SN-358+ Cordless Phone (No FCC) &


Engenius Freestyl 1 & 2 (FCC)




 Shipping Worldwide  & Payable in USD, CAN$, Euro, Rand, CHF and numerous currencies


Current models worldwide are : SN 258+, SN 356, SN 358+,SR-436/ SN 922 Pro (4 Line) EP 801/802 853Mhz SEE THEM ALL


High Technology International Ltd, Shipping from New York, Taiwan, Dubai [Local Dealers & Agents worldwide]



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Senao SN 258+

Senao SN 356

Senao SN-358+

Multi-Line SN 922 Pro and RU Version

Senao SR-436

Senao EP 801/802

Multi-channel with auto-scan
Multi-Handset system (up to 99)
Single Color LCD (Orange)
Walkie-Talkie INTERCOM between H/S

Vibration mode
Selectable Ring & Page Tone on H/S & B/S
H/S with speakerphone function

H/S with scrolling keys
Two-way paging & Hands-Free intercom

H/S Custom Name Edit
30 CID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
Caller ID with Call Waiting (CIDCW)
Last 10 calls redial on H/S
50 Phonebook with name/number on each H/S
Tone/Pulse dialing mode selectable
Multi-language display
Music on Hold
B/S speakerphone with dial keypad

20 memory dial on B/S
B/S unit with last number redial
LCD and H/S keypad with backlit
Auto detection of FSK and DTMF CID signal
Change channel during Conversation
65,536 sets security codes (two-way)
Flash time programmable
Ring volume adjustable for both H/S and B/S
Voice volume adjustable for both H/S and B/S
H/S with power saving function
Low battery alert and display
Built- in voice security circuit (Scrambler)
Auto answer and auto hang up
Transferring a call between H/S and B/S
Out-of-range alert
Battery charge indicator
Fast charge
Adjustable Keypad volume on H/S
Auto power control designed


Longer Range Legal in The USA & Canada Engenius Freestyle One/Two)


Multiline ATT  & Senao 922 Pro


For Longer Range, (not FCC) like Alcon & Senao


Senao SPECIAL for Winter-Spring 2019


Now shipping from the FTZ Bonded Warehouse


We can Invoice in multiple Currencies (20)


SN-258+................... $ Read about it (Plus Shipping) Same as USA 900mhz Engenius FreeStyl $369 & Antenna Booster $239


SN-258 Senao Local Range Cordless Beats the Rest



SN-358+.....................$725.00    This is the Super Star


Shipping to Zone USA $160


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SN-358+ Complete Package (Antenna, Battery, Base, Handset, Power)


Senao Accessories:


Batteries - $49 with order only

Outdoor Antenna with Cable $59.95 with order only

Shipping is NOT included (Except $160 for USA)

We can ship worldwide, just send your address & postal code.

We can deliver to your USA Freight Forwarder in Miami too


Note: These are NOT FCC approved and are NOT legal for use in the USA 

If you are expecting delivery to an American address, you must provide a "Ship To" which is a valid foreign address.


Longer Range Legal in The USA & Canada (Voyager CL2200 & SS338 and Senao/Engenius Freestyle One)

 Multiline ATT  & Senao 922 Pro


For Longer Range, (not FCC) like ALCON


 NEW Engenius FreeStyl 2 Extreme Range Cordless Phone

  • 1-Line Phone System without base Dial Keypad ALL CORDLESS






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