Fixed Cellular Terminal: Multi-line, LCR for PBX and SMS 

900/1800/1900 Mhz GSM

NOTE: This is all OLD STUFF, beyond "Legacy" technology, it is outdated and lacks the latest features.

See 2N Telcom (Siemens guts) & Eurotech here (

This unique German company offers many configurations based on the Siemens platform: 

"GSM Line"
Single SIM 900mhz, 900/1800 & 900/1800/1900 (Voice, Data, SMS, PC Fax with Win Fax Pro).....$495.00 USD

"MobilDock" GSM Multi-Line (6-24 SIM) Analogue

Great for PBX interface for Cell-to-Cell calls dramatically lowering Wireline call costs, known as "Least-Cost Routing"
Space Saver for E1 (Internet) or T1 (Telco PSTN) applications routing voice calls over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

19" Rack (6u frame) with Antenna & Power  Supply ............ $899 

6 SIM Set-Up $500 x 6  ($3000 + $799=$3799.00 USD)

12 SIM Set-Up $475 x 12  ($475 x 12 + $799 x 1)

24 SIM T1 Circuit  ($450 x 24 and $799 x 2)

Plus 12/1 Combiner Antenna Yagi (optional)

SIM Modules are not included


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