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As of March 31, 2019, Panel prices have ranged $.74-$1.29 per Watt (and dropping as complete rules for pricing have yielded to a trade war between the USA and China) The EU just signed an agreement with China setting the floor price at $.74, below American production costs!


Click Here For other-12 Volt Solar Power Ideas (and see those displayed below, too)


Portable Solar Power Generator



Airlink Solar Camera 3G 4G Lte 20,800 Li-Ion Battery with 128Gb SD Card slot, GSM


 GSM Cellular Solar Camera 3G / 4G Lte 20,800Mah Battery (30 hrs), 50 Watt Panel $695 1.3MP to 2.0MP w/Pan Tilt Zoom $849+ Read about it




Just Released (Great Price) SOLAR Bluetooth BACK-PACK $49.95

with 4000Mah Power Bank 5v USB Re-Charger UPS $14.95 Email for a manual


iLive Solar Bluetooth Backpack with 4000Mah PowerBank backup



19.7 in Height x 13.4" Length. Weight 2lbs




See the latest Solar Street & Highway (LED) Lights from CHINA (Online Catalogue) via Google Docs


Here's the Latest LED Made-in-the-USA (Road, Warehouse, Gas Stations, Tunnels, Parks....Read it here



"Solar Impulse" tm World's First Solar Airplane Takes Flight (Read on CNN)






Solar Hot Water for Balconies                                       Solar Walking Path, Entrance, Sidewalk Light


Solar Hot Water for Balconies & Rooftops Catalog                                            Solar for Walking Paths & Outside Areas

12-Volt Solar Panel for PDA's, iPod, Batteries

12V mono-crystalline solar panel
- Stainless-steel flex conduit shields all external wiring
- Piggy-back style terminals for quick and easy connection to rechargeable type batteries
- Two-piece aluminum bushing securely connects the panel to feeder or power control unit
- Built-in by-passed blocking diode minimizes power drop caused by a shade
- Clear polycarbonate cover protects solar cells from damage in the field - not glass
- Sturdy aluminum mounting bracket tilted to a 45-degree angle for correct orientation

$39.95 plus $9.95 Ground UPS (USA)



 Maxsa Innovations solar-powered motion-activated LED security spotlight

- Motion-activated 14-LED security spotlight

- 14 Super bright LEDs create bright illumination in the coverage area
- Includes three 1.2V 900 mAH AA rechargeable batteries
- Adjustable motion sensor detects motion up to 25 feet away within a 180 degree detection area
- 9 Foot cable allows ideal location for solar panel and lets you mount the light inside, if desired
- Uses free energy from the sun
- Time, motion sensitivity, and Lux (daylight sensitivity) adjustments
- Light can activate up to 180 times when on for 1 minute at a time (on single battery re-charge)

Retail priced $89.95 Your Cost $69.95 (plus $9.95 UPS Ground)



Eight LED (4 each) Dual Beam Motion-Activated Spotlight (Read about it here)

Maxsa 8-LED Solar Motion-Activated Light

Solair Solar Powered Portable Charger (SP1004)


Solar Charger by Solair
- Charges most Cell Phones, iPhones, iPods, most MP3 players, and digital cameras
- Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack for ultimate power
- Useful when conventional power is not available (power outages, etc.)
- Package includes

USB charging cable, micro and mini USB plugs, Sony Ericsson and Samsung adaptor plugs, Nokia and LG adaptor plugs, storage/ carry case

- Solar panels peak power output: .8W (point 8)
- Solar panels operating voltage: 5.5V maximum
- Solar panels charging current: 145 mA
- Battery capacity: 1000 mAh/ 3.8 V
- System output voltage: 4.5V - 9.0 V
- Output current: 500 mAh maximum
- 3.6 oz.
- Charges fully in 6 to 7 hours by solar, and 4 hours by USB

Retail $99.95 Sale Priced $49.95 plus $4.95 UPS (48 USA)


SP1002 Solar Charger

Portable Solar Power by Solair (Max 1.5 Watt 2500 mAh)


- Charges most Cell Phones, WiFi Modem, iPhones, iPods, most MP3 players, PSP, DSi, DS Lite and Digital Cameras
- Built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack for ultimate power
- Useful when conventional power is not available
- Package includes:

100 - 240 Volt AC home and DC car chargers, USB charging cable, Nintendo DSi, DS Lite and Sony PSP adaptor plugs, mini USB adaptor plug, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung adaptor plugs, Nokia and LG adaptor plugs, D3.5 x 1.3 and D2.3 x .7 adaptor plugs

- Solar panels peak power output: 1.5 W
- Solar panels operating voltage: 5.5V maximum
- Solar panels charging current: 280mA
- Battery capacity: 2500 mAh / 3.8 V
- System output voltage: 4.5 V - 9.0 V
- Output current: 1 A maximum
- Weight: 8.5 oz
- 6 to 7 hour solar charge, 3 to 4 hour AC charge, 5 hour DC charge, 5 hour USB charge

Retails $149.95 Your Cost $119.95 plus UPS $8.95 (48 USA)


Other Ideas for 3 volt-5.5 volt-6 volt-9v-12 volt Options Click Here



SunTECH, Germany    


Project examples by SunWize, California, USA (Credit)


SOLAR PANELS 5/10/30 Watt up to 140/190/230/320 Watt Power (Small quantity- under5- cost $3.00-$6.00 per Watt END-USER)



Solar Korea   Kyocera   Security Beams  Payphone  Parking Meters  Radio Tower  Water Fountain (Garden/Pool) Pool Alarm

                                                                                                Heat the Pool with Solar Water Heaters

Solar Street Lights                                      Solar Power Station Diagram

Solar LED Street & Tunnel Lighting                                              12 Volt Solar Power Station



 Complete Wind Power Systems



The AIR-X and AIR Industrial turbines produce reliable electricity for battery charging even in the most extreme weather conditions. Generating 12, 24, or 48 VDC, these 400 watt turbines are an excellent match for telecom systems, offshore platforms, and remote monitoring systems.

Powder coated body, stainless steel hardware, no required maintenance, and 3 year standard warranty makes the AIR Industrial perfect for remote installations. Simple to install on a 1.5" pipe, the turbine connects directly to the battery bank. To create a custom wind/solar hybrid system, please call for assistance.

Mfg. P/N

Wt. (lbs)
Wgt. (kg.)
Retail Price (forget prices below, they are useless)  
3 year
Air Industrial 24 VDC Wind generator.



3 year
AIR-X 400 watt 12VDC wind generator.



3 year
AIR-X 400 watt 24VDC wind generator.




5kw S-Style Vertical Wind Turbine


"S-Style" Vertical Wind Turbine & Hybrid Solar/Wind

Grunfos SQ Flex Overview

Grundfos SQFlex Submersible Solar Water Pump



Solar Korea   Kyocera  Security Beams    Solar Payphone   Parking Meters  Cellular Radio Tower  Base Camp  Solar Attic



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