GSM Outdoor Wireless Solar-Powered Cellular Payphone & Booth

Three main components:

1). Pay Phone (Card, Chip, Coin, Barcode, Debit, VoIP) These prices range from $400-$1200.00

2. Booth: Base & Pedestal $400-800.00

3).  Solar 20 Watt Power Solution $600-800.00


All prices are FOB factory, China. Prices may change without notice.

Prices reflect volume of 100-200 up to 1000 units.

Sample System Package (Components 1&2&3) $1995.00 USD Delivered

Samples are sold at normal prices and the difference refunded/credited on placement of volume order.


XLS click here (4.8mb) PDF click here (3.2mb)      Do it yourself installation guide (1.6mb Word Doc) click here

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