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Pursuing Worldwide Joint-Ventures from Cairo to Cape Town [read more here]

Design Concept for Solar "Pond" by Herb Hayden, Southwest Solar

Herb Hayden's Visualization of a 'Solar Pond' tm [Southwest Solar]

Links below are for PDF files of three (3) solutions for Solar Power, tested in Israel, the USA and Germany (Deployed on Spanish-EU-Grid).

"Solar Concentrator" known as a "SUNDISH" (PDF Click Here)

Southwest Solar

                                 "Fixed Solar Array"  (PDF Click Here)            

200mw Solar Tower in Australia
(PDF Click Here)

Other Solar options including Kyocera & Mitsubishi Flat Panels (Electricity & Hot Water) click here

Solar Hot Water, Solar Water Pump,

Clean n' Green

Solar Security Sensor Beams

GSM Cellular Solar "Snapshot Camera" " with Lithium Battery Backup

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