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Solutions for a wireless world.
Wireless Phone, Fax and Data. ANYWHERE.

You specify your requirements and they 
will design, produce and even install for 
you a complete "Turn-key" Wireless 
Communication System that includes 
voice, fax and high-speed data transfer. 

Telemobile is a Wireless Rural Loop 
(WRL) company that custom manufactures 
digital and analog PHONELINK® rural 
radio telephone systems for any of your 
Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint 

Their systems can provide wireless 
Internet Access or be used for special 
private applications.

Some of the latest solutions include Multi- 
channel and Multi-access Rural Telephone 
Systems, Remote Mining, Gated Communities  
and 100km Trunked Links. 

Their USA headquarters houses 
Engineering and Manufacturing, and 
Support and Systems Engineering are 
located in England, Japan, India.

Telemobile also manufactures a complete 
line of full-duplex radio trunking systems, 
two way radio equipment and portable 
repeater systems for temporary and 
emergency applications including hand 
helds, mobiles, base radios and repeaters. 

Custom options are available for a wide 
variety of different systems. Ask us about 
Telemobile microwave or integration into 
new or existing satellite links. 

Extra capacity is available with pair gain 
and concentrator systems to meet the 
needs of expanding telecommunications 
networks for wireless, as well as wireline 

Their system engineers can help you with 
all your telecommunication needs. Contact us 
today and we will send complete company 
product info and technical information. 


                          1-Line [TM-7]

                    Economy series PHONELINK®, VHF-UHF (66-520 MHz) 10 channel selectable,
                    13.8 VDC operation
                    Professional series PHONELINK®, options for wireless caller ID, voice scramblers,
                    32 channels, Payphone signaling (12 or 16Khz + polarity reversal), 3825Hz ITU
                    standard signaling. Complete bundle solution from $3995.00
                    Wireless extension for data only applications, 19.2 & 64 Kbps full throughput (no
                    overhead), Standard RS232 connectors

                    2-Line / 3-Line (2+1)

                    Digital PHONELINK®, 2+1 voice/fax + data, 19.2 and 64 Kbps versions, 25 & 100
                    KHz RF channel, Synchronous & asyncnrous data. Systems allows for simultaneous
                    Phone Fax & Internet /www access


                    "Quad" Digital 64Kbps system, flexible configurations (voice + data) 4+0, 3+1, 2+2,


                    Digital 64Kbps system, high voice compression, VHF - UHF (66-520MHz) Operating
                    frequencies Flexible configurations: (voice + data) 8+0, 7+1, 6+2, 5+3, 4+4
                    128 Kbps, Digital wireless system 380 - 470Mhz operation. 8 trunk lines for 8
                    dedicated circuits. Plug-in card expandable for 24 or 40 circuits, combination of
                    64Kbps data + voice available Wireless ISDN version available

                   15-Line (Option)

                   DPG Digital pair gain option for wire line or wireless system, add to DTEL, QTEL, or
                   OCTEL, 15 private circuits, up to 4 trunks (+ control line), low current consumption -
                   ideal for rural areas, easy to maintain


                    2 MB (G.703), E1, 30 time slots, Up to 4 x E1 (120 time slots) capacity, V5 interface
                    options, 400 MHz, 1.4 GHz

                  160/336/512 - Line

                  Pair Gain / Line Concentrator system for wire line or wireless applications, stand-alone
                  operation or use with ETEL system above, configurations for 160-line, 336-line, and
                  512-line, V.5 interface options price competitive, immediately available.


                    Radio Telephone

                    Mobile, handheld and fixed remote station configurations, low-cost, single-line long
                    range wireless extension, public/private service, repeater to extend range over

                    VHF & UHF Trunking

                    Duplex mobiles and, duplex fixed remote units, Approved for the Selectone/Smartrunk
                    II system. Full duplex terminal radios also available on any frequency 66 - 88, 136 -
                    174, 174 - 300, 300 - 520 MHz

                    Wireless PABX - Radio Trunking

        SYSTEM 35
                    Complete featured packed system, 1 - 16 base channels, 60, 480, 3840 subscriber
                    option, full duplex mobiles, fixed and hand phone, Full wireless PABX features: on-hold
                    call transfer private intercom, full radio trunking access for individual or group calls, 66
                    - 520 MHz

                    Roadside Emergency Telephone

                    Application include: public and private highways, National Parks, nature reserves and
                    other environmentally sensitive locations; and non-cellular areas

                  Small Point-to-Multipoint Systems (Analog)

                  MultiAccess Radio Telephone, 2or 4 channels for 20 or 36 subscribers (fixed, mobile,
                  portable users)
                  Multiaccess Rural Radio Telephone, up to 8 channels, up to 96 users, easily expandable
                  and reconfigurable, includes E&M controls to link to remote transmitter site if required

                   Medium Point-to-Multipoint (Digital)

                   Digital MultiAccess Rural Telephone, low-cost economy system for "Voice Fax and
                   Data Anywhere."
                   Digital Rural Radio Telephone, 20 simultaneous users, 800 KHz operating band, 160
                   subscribers ISDN option, TDMA technology

                 Large Point-to-Multipoint (Digital) TDMA

                 28 simultaneous users per E1, 2MB, up to 4 x E1 (112 simultaneous users), 8MB, up to
                 720 subscribers, V5 interface option, 400 MHz or 1.5GHz operation, various
                 configurations, remote outstations configurable from 1 - 160 subscribers, drop & insert
                 repeaters available to link the system through difficult terrain  

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