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Analogue & Digital Phone Systems:


Vodavi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Iwatsu, ATT, Lucent, Avaya, NEC, Vodavi, Trillium, Intertel, ITT Aries, Comdial, Mitel, Northern Telecom, NEC


VoIP & GSM-to-VoIP


Eurotech, 2N, Portech, Siemens, Tellis, Topix, Jetsense, Dinstar, MultiTech, AxxessTel


Call Extend 2-Port Auto Attendant

Call Extend: 2-Port Auto Attendant


Audio Conference     ALL THINGS VoIP          IP Phones Under $150        Videoconference        Call Manager Devices



GIGASET DX 800 A (Made in Germany)


4-Line Phone System with VoIP (SIP) & Landline and Bluetooth (Headset & Mobile Cellular Phone) Interface

Gigaset DX 800A Phone System

Huge Display screen runs Windows with PC Interface


Read about it here


VoIP for All 2-4-8-16-24 Port Gateway, Channel Bank & Software

Eurotech "VoIP2All" Cellular (GSM) Plug n' Play Terminals

Including Channel Bank (2-4-8-16-24 SIM) & Gateway & Software Read all about it here



Polycom IP Conference Phone


Polycom IP 5000 read more here

Telephone Systems (over five lines/five phone-extensions) Need a smaller option? Click here

For purposes of clarity, we define a phone "system" as one which includes:



Panasonic KX-NT

KX-NT 543 3-Line Panasonic Phone

  • 3 Line display with backlighting
  • 24 freely programmable function keys
  • High-quality wideband voice transmission
  • Plantronics EHS-compatible
  • 2x 100MB Ethernet ports, PoE





Complete Systems from $795.00 (Control Box, Lines, Phone Sets)



Panasonic: analog & digital 308, 616, 1232, 624, 824




















KXT-30810 = $475.00

Control unit is fully configured for three CO
 lines and eight stations (system telephones or single line), and three intercom paths.
 Door intercom capability can be added with optional door intercom adapter (2 door
 intercoms per adapter).


 KX-T61610 = $850.00

Control unit is fully configured for six CO lines, sixteen
 stations (system telephones or single line), and four intercom paths, SMDR
 standard. Supports up to two DSS/BLF consoles. Door intercom capability can be
 added with optional door intercom adapter (2 door intercoms per adapter).


 KX-T123211D = $1550.00

Control unit is initially configured for 4 CO lines, 16
 stations, expandable to 12 CO lines and 32 stations, features: remote and on site
 administration, station lock, unattended conference.

Note: Some Features Do Require Additional Cards.

KX-T7055 = $89..00

Basic system phone with 3 programmable line buttons, redial,
 conference key, transfer key, monitor speaker.


 All Sets Listed Below are Available in Ash or Black:


 KX-T7050 = $129.00

Proprietary phone with monitor speaker for paging and
 on-hook dialing, call transfer, 3-way conference key, 4 one-touch dial keys, 12
 programmable line buttons, hold key, one-touch redial, insertable pause, timed
 flash memory, (Message waiting key/lamp KX-T123211D & KX-T336 system only), dual
 color LEDs.

 KX-T7020 = $159.00

Proprietary phone with built-in speakerphone, hands-free
 answer-back, mute button for privacy, save redial, do not disturb, call forwarding,

 KX-T7030 = $189.00

Proprietary phone with the same features as the KX-T7020
 plus a 16 character LCD readout for system feature


VOICEMAIL add-on available $499 to $1499 2-port 4 hour+


Panasonic 8/24    Panasonic Voicemail


Complete Systems $395-$1195 with Control Box (KSU) Voicemail & Min 3 Phones


Comdial : Unisyn

Comdial's Unisyn is designed to become the number one choice for today's small business system for sizes ranging from 3x8 to 6x16, with the option to program English, Spanish, or French. It is a proprietary system that supports new Comdial-image telephones with three color LED's, LCD option keys, and its universal port feature which will allow users to connect peripheral devices, and
 support industry-standard telephones. Features like SMDR, Caller ID support, automatic wakeup, are just a few of the standard features.


 CD-TS308 = $499.
 CD-TS616 = $795.

Available in Platinum or Flat Black

 CD-1022S 6-line LCD Speakerphone = $179.
 CD-1122S 6-line Speakerphone = $149.
 CD-1122X 6-line Monitor no answerback = $129.

 CD-TXIST 4-station universal circuit board = $95.
 CD-TX232 RS232 Communications board = $95.
 CD-CID08 Caller ID Interface = $795.

 CD-TXMWG Message Waiting Option Board Available for Special Order

 Two-Year Warranty

ITT: Aries Analog & Digital


Deluxe Telephone Set :


The Aries Digital Deluxe telephone set includes a handsfree speakerphone. This telephone
offers the Aries Digital user a data interface for CTI applications. The Deluxe telephone has
a large 2-line by 16-character LCD module with three soft keys. The telephone has off-hook
voice announce (OHVA) as standard feature. There are 21 programmable and 7
fixed-function keys. The Deluxe set, with a larger LCD module, is ideal for performing
system programming. This, and all Aries Digital telephones, is available in black.

The part number of the Deluxe set is 532800-750-201 or ADTD00-M0E-40D.


Executive Telephone Set :


A full-featured digital telephone with handsfree speakerphone. This model supports
Off-Hook Voice Announce (OHVA) as a standard feature. A 2-line by 16-character LCD
module is included. The executive model telephone can be use for system programming.
There are 21 programmable keys, 7 fixed keys, and 3 soft keys.

The part number of the Executive set is 532800-750-001 or ADTE00-M0E-40D.


Standard-Plus Telephone Set :


The Standard-Plus telephone set has includes a handsfree speakerphone. There are 21
programmable and 7 fixed-function keys.

The part number of the Standard-Plus set is 532800-750-101 or ADTP00-M0E-40D.


Standard Telephone Set :

Includes 9 programmable keys and 7 fixed feature keys. Includes handsfree speakerphone.

The part number of the Standard set is 531600-750-001 or ADTS00-M0E-40D.


Basic Telephone Set :


A basic model that includes 6 fixed feature keys. The set has call monitor for on-hook

The part number of the Basic set is 530600-750-001 or ADTB00-M0E-40D.


DSS/BLF Unit :


The DSS/BLF unit has 50 keys. The unit can be used on either the ADKS-308/616/924 or
the ADKS-144. When used on the ADKS-308/616/924, the unit key functions are fixed.


ADKS Voice Mail "Digimail "


The Digimail is a voice mail unit designed specifically for the ADKS-308 and ADKS-616
KSU's. The Digimail unit is designed to mount inside the ADKS KSU. It is designed to
integrate fully into the ADKS digital technology providing the a seamless product to the
small key system application.


The Digimail unit has 2 ports and up to one hour of record time. The record time can be
increased by adding a one hour expansion module. Up to 100 voice mail boxes are allowed,
with each box having 2 personalized greetings. There is an auto-attendant feature built-in.
Pager notification is a standard feature of the Digimail.


The part number for the Digimail unit is 530037-000-001 or AD0VML-201-PAK.

ATT: Partner 308, 616 & Merlin

Complete refurbished systems with 2-year warranty


Looking for a control box for 4-lines or less, with announcer and voicemail which allows you to use your existing

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We handle most models: NEC, Vodavi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Iwatsu, ATT, Lucent, Avaya, NEC, Vodavi, Trillium, Intertel, ITT Aries, Comdial

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