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Dual-Antenna RF for Retail Stores & Libraries

 "Challenger" Complete Dual (2) Antenna Retail $1,995.00 Sale Priced 20% Off (System Only) Through May 1st


$1,495.00 with Power Supply plus $299.00 Deactivator
Note: Needed for "Retail" but not for Libraries where Books are "Passed-Around" the Antenna once the Book is "checked out"]      
Additional Cost?  Packing, Shipping & Handling, Bank Fees $99.95

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                        DSP (Digital) System                                                            EM-1300

Product Group: EM (Electromagnetic)

                   The EM-DSP System is an anti-shoplifting system that operates on electromagnetic waves, not radio frequency, like most less expensive alternatives, which also have problems with merchandise with metal content. The System is available as a single aisle (2-antennas) and as a dual aisle (3 antennas) system.


                   ·  Can detect tags on metal items
                   ·  High detection rate
                   ·  Easy to install
                   ·  Small, unobtrusive antennas
                   ·  Detects sticker tags & hard tags

                   Technical Data:

                   Max. Distance Between 2 Antennas:         39"    91.5cm
                   Height:       4' 10"    1465 mm
                   Width:         2' 2"       660 mm
                   Depth:        3.25"         80 mm
                   Weight:    29.7 lbs.     13.5 kg
                   Antenna Material:   Polyurethane Casing
                   Control Box:                         Steel Casing

                 Configurations Available:
                         System      110 Vac                                   220 Vac
                   Single Aisle (2-antennas)
                                      Prod. No. 41206505             Prod. No. 41206500
                   Dual Aisle (3-antennas)
                                      Prod. No. 41206510             Prod. No. 41206515


                          Description                              Prod. No.
                   Mounting Pedestal - Single Aisle     41100100
                   Mounting Pedestal - Dual Aisle       41100110
                   Installation Kit - Single Aisle           41700000
                   Installation Kit - Dual Aisle             41700010

                    The EM-1300 System is an anti-shoplifting system that operates on electro-magnetic waves. The EM-1300 System is available as a single gate system (2-antennas) and as a dual gate system (3-antennas). A combination of single and dual systems is possible.

                    Areas of Use:

                    ·  Department stores, book stores, drugstores, hardware, computers
                    ·  Lending departments such as libraries, warehouses, etc.
                    ·  Various kinds of stores that need relatively small tags.


                    · Small tags
                    · High rate of detection
                    · Easy to install
                    · The tags are not removed but simply deactivated
                    · Use of tags that can be reactivated in case the items should be collected or returned.

                    Technical Data:

                                 2' 7"    0.8 m   (between 2 antennas, depending on the tags used)
                    Height:       5' 3"    1600 mm
                    Width:      2' 9"        830 mm
                    Depth:        3.2"         80 mm
                    Weight:     33 lbs        15 kg
                    Materials:    Polyurethane (antenna) & Aluminium (control box)
                    Power Supply:110 Vac
                    Optional:         220 Vac


                    ·  Avoid computer-controlled checkout, tubes or neon lamps within 2 m of the system
                    ·  When more than one system is within a radius of 10 m, systems must be slaved.

                    Configurations Available:

                          System                110 Vac             220 Vac
                    Single Aisle (2-antennas)
                                       Prod. No. 41204500        Prod. No. 41204000
                    Dual Aisle (3-antennas)
                                       Prod. No. 41205500        Prod. No. 41205000

Tag Features:
                            · EM-Tags are self-adhesive and are best suited for any packaging or hard surfaces incl. most metals. Also available without adhesive, perfect for bookstores or shrink wrapped items.


                            Chip Deactivatable
                                           This tag can be deactivated / reactivated at a max. distance of 7 cm (2.75") from the
                                           deactivation / reactivation unit.
                                                                           · Retail Stores
                                                                            · Circulating libraries

                            Strip De-activatable
                                           This tag must make contact with the deactivation / reactivation unit to deactivate /
                                           reactivate the tag.
                                                                           · Circulating libraries for audio and video tape

                                           Combines a theft prevention strip and "live"
                                           barcode for one step processing in library
                                                                            · Libraries

                                         Cannot be deactivated. Used to secure items which should not leave a controlled area.
                                                                            ·  Reference libraries
                                                                            ·  Computer rooms
                                                                            ·  Video rental stores

                            ·   Variety of lengths
                            ·   Custom printing
                            ·   Special acrylic adhesive for book preservation in libraries
                            ·   Tail for easy book insertion

                            ·   Plain paper (white)
                            ·   Transparent PE-film
                            ·   Dummy barcode
                            ·"Please Rewind the Tape"

                    Prod. No.:    Description                                   Product #
                            EM Tag CD 3.5" CL                          43200150
                            EM Tag CD 3.5" BC                          43200255
                            EM Tag CD 3.5" Drop-In                      43200250
                            EM Tag CD 3.5" WH                          43200500
                            EM Tag ND 3.5" CL                          46200150
                            EM Tag ND 3.5" PR                          46200355
                            EM Tag ND 3.5" BL                          46200360
                            EM Tag ND 3.5" WH                          46200400
                            EM Tag ND 5" BC                            46200650
                            EM Tag ND 5" PR                            46200655
                            EM Tag ND 5" BL                            46200660
                            EM Tag Fashion 2x2" w/ID Logo               46200870
                            EM Tag ND CL CD Disc 3.5"                   46200900


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