Two-Way Mobile Radios: Encrypted, 5-Watt, Bluetooth

High quality LVHF UHF VHF Air-Band Two-Way Radios made in Taiwan.

Export and wholesale prices with worldwide delivery via DHL express. Credit Cards & PayPal Accept online.

Two-Way Radios with batteries up to 3000mAh and high end options:

From Analog and Digital encryption, to Bluetooth, VoIP Skype and GPS support.

Frequency bands:
L-VHF  26-32MHz, 32-43MHz, 66-88Mhz FM
VHF 135-174Mhz FM ,  Marine band VHF 156-164Mhz , Air band VHF AM 118-136.975MHz
UHF - 300-360Mhz, 330-400Mhz, 400-470Mhz, 450-527Mhz FM

Air Band Radios 118.00 -136.975MHz
Air Band Radios
118.00 -136.975MHz
LVHF Radios 66-88 MHz
LVHF Radios
66-88 MHz
VHF Radios 136-174MHz
VHF Radios
UHF Radios 400-480Mhz
UHF Radios
UHF Radios 450-527MHz
UHF Radios
Radios with Bluetooth
Radios with
Encrypted Bluetooth
Vehicle radio systems
Vehicle Radio
Two-Way Systems


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