Video Conference Solutions :


KONFTEL EGO Portable Conferencing Kit List $599 Your Cost $429 plus S&H $19.95


Konftel EGO20 Video Conference Kit


YOUR BEST BET FOR 2019 Read the Manual


$599.95 Retail Street $449.00-$549.00 Your Cost $429.00 plus S&H (Austin, Tx)







Skype Certified


Analogue Stand-alone Video Phones & TV Interface.and WiFi, IP & VoIP Video Phones & HDMI via Adapter


(IP & GSM Cellular Video & Door Entry Phones)


TelyHD Pro $259 (Run Skype on your Hi-Def TV)


Nyrius HDMI Home $249 & Aires Pro HD $319 (One TV vs. Multiple)


(Wireless USB to HDMI) Meaning "Hulu"+, "Amazon Prime" or "NetFlix" from your Inbound Source (Laptop, PC, Netbook, Notebook or Pad) WIRELESS around home or office to multiple TV's. Kool or what?


Tely HD Pro for Skype






Grandstream GXV-3000 IP Video Phone


Skype Certified


Best & Lowest-Priced option, nearest $50-$100 more


Grandstream GXV-3000


On Sale $139.95 plus UPS $14.95

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