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Voyager Longer Range Cordless Phones (Here)


Voyager Cordless Headset by Plantronics? (Click Here)

(DISCONTINUED Voyager Cordless Model CL-2200XP/AS)

Replacement or Spare Batteries, Chargers, Booster or Antenna, no problem. (Scroll down this page please)

Re-Introduced as an "Intrinsically Safe" Cordless for Construction, Oil, Gas & Mining (Read it here)

See the new page for latest options.(added shielding, raising production cost) Model #TM-2200HS

(Do you need a distance of 1500 feet to 1.5miles (500m-2km*) or 10-40 acres, or 250,000 sq. ft. x 12 floors.

See the Senao & Engenius lines. See ALL LONGER-RANGE CORDLESS

FCC Approved Longer-Range Cordless Phone (up to 1 line & 9 extensions)

Engenius Freestyl 1 $269.95 (USA)

"Outdoor Booster Antenna doubles whatever you already get" $189.95

Engenius Tech 3db & 6db Cordless Phone Antenna 

900mhz, the Longest-Range Frequency for Cordless Phones in North America

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All of these units are FCC & DOC approved for sale in the USA & Canada (longest range legal in USA & Canada).

Look here too ATT 4-Line  $399++(FCC) & Engenius Freestyle $269 (FCC) & 4-Line Senao Engenius 922 Pro $1195 (FCC)


Are you outside the USA/Canada? Click Here  Senao EP801 and also Senao 358+ $399.95 and also the Alcon Base-to-Base $895.00

 CL-2200XP/AS (Canada) / 338-F (USA) Series (Replaced by TM2200HS & TM2300)

Long Range Cordless Phones & Intercom

Grows up to 9 lines & 89 Handsets ( 1 x 1 up to 9 x 89)

Dialtone tm can originate from a Landline, Cellular, Bluetooth, VoIP, Magic Jack

Compare to EnGenius (NEW) "FreeStyle One" tm $269.95 See here

Read the User Manual (1mb PDF) [Same manual for Caller ID and without-we ONLY sell with Caller ID now]

The Voyager AS is the newest addition to the CL-2200XP/338F family and it has retained all the same advanced features. The new AS was designed with a more durable handset in response to the growing number of customers using our phones in industrial settings. Audio quality has been upgraded and the desktop charging cradle has been redesigned. The Voyager AS is available with Caller ID or without.

Voyager long range cordless phones also work as 2-Way Radios. Because the 2-way radio signal passes through the base unit, the base unit acts like a "repeater" and provides you with ability to communicate with other handsets several kilometers away. Other similar systems that work without the base unit have a range of up to 200 feet.

The CL-2200XP-AS Alpha system includes the base unit and handset. The Voyager Alpha long range wireless phone system can be added to your existing business phone system or function as a standalone telephone system.

It's also the most flexible long range cordless phone system on the market. All Voyager systems can be expanded to work on up to 9 lines and 89 handsets.

Volume Corporate, Exporters & Wholesale Dealers Welcome (Ships from Canada or Taiwan)
  • New small and durable handset with Call Display or without - weighs only 205 grams
  • Up to 1 mile city and 3 mile range in open areas*
  • Clear signal even through 15 floors of concrete*
  • Built-in Digital Voice Scrambler
  • FCC and Canada approved
  • Choose between Tone or Pulse dialing
  • Channel group can be changed
  • Adjustable Flash Time
  • Speed Dial
  • Adjustable ringer volume
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Display shows channel and time
  • Audible key/button confirmation
  • Dial like a regular telephone or dial like a cellular phone
  • Phone Book on the Handset
  • Dot matrix display for easy reading
  • Choose between ringer or vibration
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Headset jack for hands-free operation
  • Signal Strength display
  • Able to retrieve mailbox messages
  • Lighted keypad
  • Mute function for added privacy
  • Choice of ringer melodies
  • Answer the phone by pressing any key
  • Key Lock feature
  • Out-of-range alert
  • Talk-time control
  • Automatically scans for an open channel (80 channels available)

* Range results are based on using a 3db roof antenna.  To extend even further, get a 6db Booster Antenna (doubles range)




Technical Specifications

Item Base Unit Portable Handset Quick Charger
Frequency 902 / 928 MHz 902 / 928 MHz  
Power source: Outlet "Mains" 110v or 220v, 12v Gel-Cell, Lithium Backup, Solar Panel 9V DC, 1000mAh 4.8V DC, 650 mAh, Ni-MH Battery Pack 12V DC, 1000 mAh
Dimension without antenna 109 x 149 x 39 mm
4.31 x 5.87 x 1.51 inches
46 x 141 x 30 mm
1.81 x 5.55 x 1.18 inches
75 x 100 x 45 mm
2.95 x 3.93 x 1.77 inches
Weight 400 grams 203 grams with battery pack 117 grams

Product Description
  USD $ Discount

Suggested Retail $795

Model #338-F (CL2200XP/AS)

(Part number for USA FCC-Approved version).




Introducing "Intrinsically Safe" for Oil & Gas and Mining Industry

TM-2300 Base to Base $995.95 (Same as 338-F with "Safe" added)

TM-2400 Base-to -Remote Wireless Paging $995.00

TM-3300 $1995.00 Class 1 Div.2 Certified (Wall-Mounted with Enclosure)

Wall-Mounted "Safe" TM-3400 Voyager

See the new line here


BASE-TO-BASE (Remote RJ-11) 900 Mhz Longest Range for "Last Mile" Landline Telco Connection (QWest, Verizon, ATT, StarPower) from Pole.

SS338/CL2200BB NEW MODEL # TM-2300
See Photo's

Base-to-Remote Base/ Extended Dialtone or Remote Dialtone  See it deployed
900MHz Local-Range Wireless (Extended Dial Tone) Station to Station Terminal System: See it here
1 Base Station, 1 Base Antenna, 1 Base Power Adapter, 15’ Telephone Line, 1 Wireless Remote Station, 1 Remote Antenna, 1 Remote Power Adapter & User’s Manual *Wireless Remote Station has built-in rj-11 tel. interface for fax machine, regular phone, credit card reader or PC modem *Factory test results conducted in Taiwan replicated speeds up to19.6Kbps to 21.2Kbps 600mw to 300mw extension.


$ 995.00 System $79.95 USA from Canada-Taxes Paid
Extra Handset Kit for CL-2200XP/338F series
1 Cordless Handset, 1 Handset Antenna, 1 Handset Travel Charger, 1 Battery Pack (Li-ion) & User’s Manual. (Simplex-"Push to Talk"-for intercom)




Model Number
Product Description



Photo @ top page

CL-2200 Alpha Smaller Handset
Extra Li-Ion Battery Pack 4.8v 1200mAh 
Ships from Canada Importer $39.95 and $9.95   Canada Post (3-5 days)

Extra Li-Ion Battery Pack 3.6v 1200maH
Ships from Taiwan Factory $34.95 & $14.95     EMS Airmail (5-7 days)
Roof Antenna 900mhz
 Outdoor BOOSTER Antenna w/ 30' cable (6db) w/ reverse thread Read more here
Rubber Antenna
Rubber Antenna for handset
Short Antenna
Short Antenna for handset
Quick Charger Stand
Quick Charger Stand for CL-2200XP-H w/Power Supply
Roof Antenna 
900MHz Outdoor  Regular Antenna with 20' Cable (3db)


(Shipping from the manufacturer to your door worldwide)

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NOTE: Experience of range in cordless phones is very user subjective. Is the base on the first floor of your house, or 3rd, or 10th floor of your office. Is the structure made of wood or metal? Are you using an external roof antenna, or internal, included free. Are there other electronics present, like computers or TV to interfere with signal strength? Under best conditions, most cordless produce 1-2km per watt of power, without external antennas. The 2200XP/AS 338F series is between 100mw and 550mw, depending on setting and power drain. It is the highest power unit legal for use in the USA. "Medium" and "Long-Range" units are not FCC approved for use in the USA. Voyager Phones are NOT SOLD based on range guarantee. Returns allowed for defective merchandise against replacement only!