Voyager CL2200BB/SS338 Base to Base Cordless Phone (900mhz) FCC Approved

"Last Mile" Installation from QWest Telephone Pole Interface to Farm House 1-Mile (1.4Km) Distance.

Voyager Base to Base

Now Sale-Priced $995.00 USD (Buy Now) Outside the USA? Consider Alcon

Extended Dialtone.......... Remote Control.........Extended Phone Link...Voice Dialer Alarm...Cordless Long Range... Analogue  Coin Payphone...Last Mile Drop

Farm to Barn, Sites Remote from PSTN, Warehouses to Outbuilding, Electric Company (AEC & NY Electric Power), Campgrounds, Mining Operations

Voyager 338 Base to Base Extended Dialtone                     

Installed System. Dialtone extended 1000 feet, pole to pole (with QWest Approval to co-locate)

Inside Box
1. 15volt DC to 9 volt DC converter $89,
2. Delta Lightning module $68,
3. Sealed Gel cell Optima AGM battery $199,
4. 6 place ground bar $10, 6 place fuse panel $20,
5. Voyager and Engenius antenna along with about 20' of Engenius unused antenna cable coiled inside.
7. PBR (Battery controller) $79
8. Voyager SS338 $995.00
9. 2- 6db gain Engenius antennas $189 x 2

Outside box
1. 2-10w 12"x14" solar collectors (Panels) $149 x 2,
2. Steel enclosure box $199 lined with radiant barrier foil insulation $30. The insulation should help the life of the components by keeping the temperatures from reaching extremes.
3. 1 1/4" EMU electrical conduit with brackets $30 for the antenna mast that encloses the antenna cable and the antenna sits on top.
4. Solar collectors are setting on 2 -1/2"x1/2" horizontal aluminum rails $40, braced with 2- 10"x10" 90 degree shelf brackets from Depot that I bent to 45 degrees $20 ea and.
5. Stainless screws and washers $35.
6. 2 - 24" long mounting enclosure struts $25
7. 2 - 8"x8" 90 angle shelf brackets that bolt to the struts that bolt to the pole. $25
8. 6' of #6 copper ground wire to ground to the box and Qwest's pole.

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