Wireless Elevator Camera

Wireless Elevator Camera (Point-to-Point)


Wireless Video and Reverse PTZ Control Solution in one Ready-to-Install kit
Here are the details: #TCO-2409XR6
For $1,295 we know you'll love this 2-in-1 Wireless Video & PTZ Solution!  

IP Version $995.00

IP Camera for Elevators

Pay with Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Bank Wire, Business Check (7-10 days for clearance), US Postal Money Order

Wireless Remote & On-Site Cameras

-2MP37PW - 802.11b/g Wireless 2MP Mini 3.7mm Pinhole Network Security Camera 
  • Price: 179.00
-2MP50w - 2MP Outdoor IR-50' Range + 2.8-12mm Wireless Varifocal Network Dome Camera 
  • Price: 239.00
 - 2​MP ​4mm Fixed Wireless​ ​Out​d​oor Bullet ​​IP ​​S​ecurity ​​C​amera - Range 1,500​'​
  • Price: 489.00
- 2​MP ​Motorized Varifocal Wireless​ ​Out​d​oor Bullet ​​IP ​​S​ecurity ​​C​amera - Range 1,500​'​
  • Price: 489.00
- 2.4GHz 700-Line IR-450' 36x Wireless PTZ Camera Kit - Range 2,500'
  • Price: 1485.00
- 5.8GHz Wireless 700-Line Outdoor, 105' Night-Vision 6mm-22mm Bullet CCD Camera
  • Price: 295.00
- 5.8GHz Wireless 700-Line Outdoor 180' Night-Vision 6mm-60mm Bullet CCD Camera
  • Price: 395.00
- 5.8GHz Wireless 700-Line Outdoor 90' Night-Vision 2.8-12mm Wireless Bullet CCD Camera
  • Price: 285.00
 - 5.8GHz Wireless 700-Line Outdoor 90' Night-Vision 2.8-12mm Camera & Receiver
  • Price: 549.00






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